Still Delicious: Brunch at Silo

Brunch dishes at Silo in Berlin Friedrichshain

While Berlin is regarded by most as a city full of options for brunch, I often face the conundrum of where to go on weekends. Like last, when I pondered trying a place I haven’t been yet in Prenzlauer Berg, or re-visiting one in Kreuzberg, I haven’t thought of much the last time I went… In the end, I decided to head for an almost classic: Silo in Friedrichshain. And it didn’t disappoint, it’s a reliable go-to when you crave poached eggs on toast. And more.

Brunch dishes at Silo in Berlin Friedrichshain
Brunch dishes at Silo in Berlin Friedrichshain
Our brunch spread from another angle

First of all, what sets Silo apart from many other places trying to do brunch is: they have a friendly, quick, and knowledgeable seater. Nothing lets my mood down as much as being left helpless in a packed restaurant, having to fight for my own seat. I just want someone to tell me how long it’s gonna be, and then get a coffee or take a walk or whatever. Btw, has anyone ever tried to estimate how much money Berlin restaurants lose every year by not offering walk-ins to wait for a table? (“Alles voll.”) Aka, not having capable front-of-house staff? I bet it’s too much to be ignored, but that’s for another time.

Because as said, Silo has that. And not only that, but friendly and competent service staff all around, who are quick on their feet. While the place itself would benefit from a lil spruce-up, the menu is as polished as ever: distinctly Australian in its concept, it might not be the most creative menu under the Berlin brunch sun, but it’s everything you (I) want to start a day right. Like the oven baked pancakes with mascarpone and maple syrup (7,20 Euro), or The Silo, two organic poached eggs on Sironi toast with avocado, feta and bacon (or hummus and tomato jam if you ask for it, 12 Euro). The pork, fennel and date sausage that is served in combination with Sironi toast, poached eggs, tomato chutney, and more bacon (12 Euro), is coming from trusted sausage maker Simon Ellery, aka The Sausage Man Never Sleeps. Plus, they usually do some specials that aren’t on the menu, like a vegan rice porridge with coconut.

What I also love about this place: they serve Companion tea, and their coffee is really good, coming from their own roastery, Fjord, and being served in their signature red cups.

Sometimes, I don’t like my mornings complicated and crazy, sometimes I want a foolproof option: delicious brunch and coffee at a place where everything works really, really well. Love Silo for that.

PS; did you see how I managed to not mention once that I like Silo despite it being in Friedrichshain?



Gabriel-Max-Straße 4

10245 Berlin Friedrichshain

Warschauer Strasse

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 08:30–17:00
Sat 09:30–19:00
Sun 10:00–19:00


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