Indian Food in Berlin: Bahadur

indian thali at bahadur restaurant in berlin

I’m usually not one to hold off recommendations, there’s no secret list of places I want to keep to myself, however, this one took a while and I have eaten here more than once since my first time in the summer. It’s so, so, so delicious, I’m getting hungry just writing this, so I’m sorry I’m telling you just now… however, better late than never: here’s a really good Indian restaurant in Wilmersdorf called Bahadur.

indian thali at bahadur restaurant in berlin

First time I’ve heard of Bahadur was actually through Bite Club, the street food party by the Spree, where they brought a smaller tandur oven to grill paneer and meat on a spit, and served it with veggies and bread. The flavours were very promising, intense, and quite spicy. So I couldn’t wait to taste the full spread at their restaurant. Located in a side-street that I’ve never been to before hearing of this restaurant, Bahadur doesn’t look much different from other places, except it’s certainly not dealing with any type of “exotic” decorations.

The menu is big, and everything sounds super tasty, so what I usually do is to go for the thali, a big plate with Bhatoora, rice, pickles, raita, and three different dishes, selected to compliment each other. I also like to add some super freshly fried samosas to the mix, as well as whatever specials are on the seasonal menu. Let me tell you, this place is proper spicy. I made the mistake to overdo it more than once, and had to gulp down a big lassi to ease my sensitive German tastebuds.

However, all the dishes are delicious – freshly made from scratch, they are distinctively different and a refreshing change from most of the Indian food places in Berlin, which often seem to be very concerned about the mellow expectations of their predominantly white audience.

However, Bahadur ist already pretty popular and hence crowded, reservations are very recommendable, especially on weekends. And let the (super nice) staff recommend you a dessert.

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indian thali at bahadur restaurant in berlin


Sigmaringer Straße 36

10713 Berlin Wilmersdorf


Opening Hours:

Tue–Sun 12:00–23:00