Malaysian Food in Berlin: Ma-Makan

The other day, I more or less spontaneously ended up at a brunch pop-up by Ma-Makan at Home, the coffee shop in Neukölln’s Jonasstraße: chef Kaylin Eu served Nasi Lemak, curry puffs, and onde onde. And wow, that Malaysian breakfast spread was so delicious, fresh, spicy, herby, and just all of everything I wanted to have on that particularly rainy and cold day.

Her Nasi Lemak was rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf, served with roasted peanuts, cucumber, and a home-made spicy sambal chili paste, crispy tempeh (or, more traditional, crispy anchovies), an egg, and either a Sri Lanken eggplant moju with loads of spices, curry leaves, and tomatoes (8 Euro), or a Singaporean asam fish curry with tamarind and lemongrass (9 Euro). Or both for 11 Euro. The fragrance of an intense curry before midday is going to wake you up in all the right ways, if you know what I mean.

Kaylin Eu started Ma-Makan just in the beginning of 2017 after moving to Berlin two years ago from her hometown Melbourne, where her parents immigrated over 40 years ago from Singapore. For now, she’s into perfecting the simple and delicious dishes she grew up with, starting with the Malaysian and Singaporean favourite, Nasi Lemak, which she serves in different variations at each of the pop-ups she’s doing. And she already promised there’ll be more dishes once she perfected them.

You can find her food at different pop-up locations around the city, best is to follow her facebook and instagram. And if you catch her, order at least one serving of the very fresh and hot curry puffs: a flaky and buttery shortcrust pastry filled with curried potato, sweet potato, carrots and peas, to be dipped in a sweet chilli and coriander sauce.

After taking a time-off in her home in Australia (and in Singapore to raid the recipes of her 97 year old grandma), she’ll definitely be back at Home in February or March. I can’t wait.

Update, the next brunch is happening March 9 and 10, more info here.