Coming Up: ChungKing Pop Up Series

The time has come, for us all to eat really spicy and hot food everyday. And lucky us, it’ll be an easy task: because finally, finally, finally, there’s a three-week-long pop-up series of ChungKing noodles lunch services. You remember ChungKing, don’t you? The delicious chilli noodle businesses set-up by Shanghai-born Ash Lee, creator of the Chī Fàn supper clubs? Well, if you don’t, you’re in for a treat. And if you do: you can have it every week from now on.

ChungKing will be a guest at Prenzlauer Berg’s The Hidden, this time covering the lunch service every Friday and Saturday for three weeks beginning Jan 12 until Jan 27.
She serves the classic dish, which originates in southwest China with her own chili oil, combined with noodles, her own broth, a number of condiments, and your topping of choice (either vegan or not). It’s so spicy, but still has so many layers of flavours, the memory of eating it will stay with you for days. At least until you get back and get another bowl.

Chung King Noodles Lunch Takeover at
The Hidden by Daniel’s Eatery
Heinrich-Roller-Straße 8, Prenzlauer Berg
Dates: 12.01., 13.01., 19.01., 20.01., 26.01., 27.01
Time: 12:00 – 15:00


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  1. MeCooks on


    Wow, that looks so tasty. Love this recipe.

  2. Martin Berliner Blogger on


    Hi, ja kann ich nur Bestätigen. Ich war dort gestern zu Besuch und es war unglaublich lecker.
    Martin aus Berlin

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