Seriously: Ten New Food Spots We Should Try This Winter

On the verge of spring, this morning in Kreuzberg

This winter, I took a little break from cold and grey season and travelled from Berlin all the way south to Lisbon (and back), and I only returned this past weekend to a city that definitely has spring in the air, and I’m so glad. I settled in with a classic Kreuzkölln triple: breakfast and coffee at Okay, then I picked up a loaf at The Bread Station, and finished this round-trip off with a chai bagel at Brammibal’s. And while these favourites definitely made me excited to be back, I instantly wanted to work on finding new places to try out. Winter is a bit of a slow season for openings, but not entirely dire: we got some new places for Japanese soup, for fried food, and for sweets. Basically what we need to keep going through the last weeks of winter?
Of course, there’s been loads more openings, but as usual this is my personal top-interest list, sorted alphabetically. If you’ve visited one of these, please let me know what you thought about them in the comments! And if you think I missed a great new spot, let me know asap!
In case these are not enough new places, have you checked off all of these?

Aux Merveilleux de Fred

You might’ve seen this patisserie in France, Belgium, London, or even New York. And now at Olivaer Platz, where a French-Berlin couple opened the bakery and shop with special authorisation of founder Frédéric Vaucamps. Focus are obviously the Merveilleux, but there’s also brioche, croissants and all other kinds of sweet delights. Sounds delightful!
Olivaer Platz 2, 10707 Charlottenburg, Tue–Sat 07:00–19:00, Sun 07:00–16:00

Brammibal’s Donuts

The uber-successful vegan sweets business is expanding from its original Maybachufer location very much up north into the heart of bobo-Berlin, opening a new joint on busy Danziger Straße (taking over from a vegan ice cream parlor). There’s no doubt this one will be just as good and busy as their Kreuzkölln spot, their lil’ fried rings of goodness have fans all over the city, heck, all over the country.
Danziger Strasse 65, 10435 Prenzlauer Berg, Grand opening March 2, 10:00–18:00

Bullys Bakery

When the OG-Bully was done with gastronomy and decided to move back to South Germany, Behzad Karim-Khani und Achille Farese, known from Lugosi bar and Karloff (aka, my favourite Italian restaurant in the city), took a leap of faith and renovated and updated this lovely corner café. Don’t be scared, change is very good in this case and will bring you saffron milk rice tartes, licorice panna cotta, fresh juices, home-made cola (whaaaat), and home made brioches, ciabatta, and much more. Can’t wait to rediscover this former favourite.
Friedelstraße 7, 12047 Neukölln, Mon–Fri 09:00–19:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–19:00

Hako Ramen

Two opposite forces, basically: I love ramen, I do have very well known issues with Friedrichshain. I’ll definitely try this one, though, no question. Instagram is full of influencer praise, we’ll have to see what it’s worth.
Boxhagenerstrasse 26, 10245 Friedrichshain, Mon–Fri 17:00–22:00, Sat–Sun 15:00–22:00

Kreuzberger Himmel

One of the busiest initiatives to support refugees, especially with legal advice, Be an Angel e.V., just invested in a new and very interesting project: they took over a restaurant space and opened Kreuzberger Himmel, a Syrian restaurant operated by people who were forced to flee their countries and found a new home in Berlin. The food is Syrian, with hummus, kibbeh, maqlooba, mahashi judra and loads of more specialities.
Yorckstraße 89, 10965 Kreuzberg, Wed–Sun from 17:00

Ramen x Ramen

Folks, this is not a joke: there are two new ramen joints in the city, or better to say: in Friedrichshain. Just 500m away from Hako Ramen, Ramen x Ramen has set up shop, and besides offering the classics, it features a special vegan menu with three different bowls. Instagram praise is just as big as for the other one, but then ramen is one of the instagram-approved dishes, so we should make it a tour and try both spots in one trip.
Gabriel-Max-Str. 2, 10245 Friedrichshain, daily 12:00–24:00


You might have eaten something from Rødder, the Danish Smørrebrød enthusiasts, during one of their many pop-up stints in the past – end of last year, they finally found a home inside of foodie-heaven Markthalle Neun, where they’re now elaborately garnishing breads five days a week. Of course, everything’s local if possible, and definitely organic, from hering to chicken liver, kale to dill mayo. And they’re also offering cider with it, as well as some other treats from the north (you can even buy their pretty plates).
Eisenbahnstraße 42, 10997 Kreuzberg (inside Markthalle Neun), Tue–Sat 12:00–18:00, Thus til 22:00, Fri till 21:30

St. Bart

A new British gastropub has taken over the space where once was the Italian brio, and many years before, Little Otik, which helped pave the way for Berlin’s foodie reformation. A place loads of history! This new venture features small and big dishes to share, many of them with a focus on veggies, and a great selection of wines and drinks, and a pavlova for dessert! So I’ll definitely go and try at least that one.
Graefestr. 71, 10967 Kreuzberg, Wed–Sun 16:00–00:00

Southern Vittles

If you’re craving Southern US comfort food, namely grits, biscuits and gravy, and chicken waffles, this might be your place. Coming with an empty stomach seems mandatory, they don’t deal with light meals. However, they do brunch, heavy brunch perfect for a day with a hangover.
Lychener Str. 6, 10437 Prenzlauer Berg, Tue–Fri 17:00–22:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–16:00, 17:00–22:00

W Pizza

Berlin’s ripe for a pizza revolution, don’t you think? We just don’t have enough good pizza places in this city. A new one might be coming to Neukölln’s Weichselplatz very, very soon – Łukasz Sołowiej, founder and former chef of Zola at Paul Linke Ufer, is starting a new baking business with Darius Suski, a design dealer and collector, who already equipped the space with Bertoia chairs and an orange tiled brick oven by Stefano Ferrara. Fingers crossed!
Fuldastraße 31, 12045 Berlin, opening soon


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  1. Julia on


    Off topic, but will you release a guide for Lisbon?

  2. Janina on


    Hey, I went to Vittles following your post and can only say don’t! I love fried and greasy food from time to time, but this was just unsavory and very badly done… (and we wanted to like it!)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Ugggh… that’s bad news… I love fried as well, as long as it’s freshly done with good and not excess oil… too bad. I still have high hopes for their brunch tho

    2. Mary Scherpe on

      So I went today, and the restaurant is a really good looking, the green tiles go very well with the wood, and the host was insanely nice to the guests and just did a great job, however, the food didn’t live up to my expectations… they might just need a couple more weeks to get things really going in the kitchen

  3. DJ Wild on


    Thank you for sharing. I just want to let you know that I really like your blog.

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