Exclusive: Snax “Two Souls” Video Premiere

"Sometimes, I can see into the future – two souls, looking out for one another…"

It must be at least ten years ago that I saw Snax perform for the first time – it was one of these glorious Berlin summer days full of sunshine and happy people on the rooftop of the former office of then tiny Soundcloud. He delivered a set that underlined the amazingness of the day, playful and light, yet still intense on the bass, his singing, and completely danceable. The mood and sound of the day is still so present in my memory. When he sent me an email a couple weeks ago whether I wanted to premier the new video set in Brandenburg I was like: Sweet! Let’s do it!

They’re home, But the house is long gone, Someone, Said write a love song

Two Souls is the latest song off his new album, Shady Lights. The video, directed by Mario Dzurila, was shot in Brandenburg and is a visual homage to bicycling in the countryside of Berlin. This is what Snax says about the song and the video:

Inspired by marriage, the song is an ode to a loving relationship, asking, perhaps even challenging, the listener to contemplate the concept of forever.
Love is one of many transformative experiences which can transpire in the inner city, but there are specific healing ones the can only be experienced outside of the city limits. The Two Souls video is a love letter, of sorts, to Berlin. However, this is not the Berlin that first comes to mind; that of techno soundscapes, moody skies and druggy parties. Rather, Dzurila and co. celebrate the less notorious surrounding countryside of Brandenburg, which with its sprawling roads and lush landscapes is best discovered by bicycle. Expanding on the psychedelically romantic sound Two Souls, Dzurila’s interpretation is a tribute to the joy of biking through the meadows and those ephemeral moments of comprehending. Comprehending forever.

By the way, if you wanna have this new album on vinyl, join Snax’ campaign to crowdfund a vinyl release on Pledge Music. But first, let’s enjoy the video:

SNAX – Two Souls
From the Random Records release SHADY LIGHTS

Directed by Mario Dzurila (@mariodzurila)
Cinematography by Mario Dzurila and Elias Johansson
Costumes by Elias Johansson and T-Word
Ghosts played by T-Word and Franny
Opening titles by Niklas Franz
Produced by Titanikbar Films (@titanikbar)

‘Two Souls’ written, produced and performed by Paul ‘Snax’ Bonomo
Violin by Jules Etienne
Published by Love Pollution Music/ASCAP