Seriously: Ten New Food Spots We Should Try This Spring

Disclaimer, this photo is about a week old, so these flowers are already gone.

Is this really spring? Or maybe more like a really early summer? I kinda don’t wanna complain, but I do get anxious over the Berlin weather skipping some steps and rushing towards the heat (27° next Wednesday!), because I feel like the weather will just end up exhausted and serve us a really lousy June, July, and August. I know that’s not how weather works, but I am not ready. What I am ready for are some news in the local culinary scene! And people have been busy over the last winter months. There’s new ice cream, new Italian food, new breakfast, new fries, new pizza and more! And you know what, even more is in the works but hasn’t qualified for today’s list because they’re not open yet (Mr Susan’s gastropub in Mitte and Albatross’ new bakery space in Kreuzberg, and more I’m not even allowed to spill at this point). Let’s focus on the now, here’s your alphabetically ordered list of new openings I think sound super interesting. Please plan your schedules accordingly, and, as usual, let me know if you liked it.
And if you need more places that are still kinda new, check out the previous list.


Uber-popular Distrikt Coffee has branched out and opened in Kreuzberg, just by Görlitzer Park. They’ve taken over the former Gipfeltreffen (and kept its comfy vintage style, as far as I can judge from the IG pics), and created some special dishes just for this new space. I haven’t been able to confirm whether the pancakes have travelled from Mitte too, but they do have some interesting takes like strawberries with basil on cultured butter on toasted brioche; beets & blueberries with yogurt and amaranth granola; soft boiled egg on charred leek and smoked tomato aioli. The kitchen is headed by the same people who used to do Elder, so this could be really good.
Görlitzer Straße 68, 10997 Kreuzberg, Mon, Thu, Fri 09:00–17:00, Sat, Sun 10:00–18:00, Tue, Wed closed


I’m not entirely sure how this place works, but the graphic design looks very appealing to me, so I decided it’s worth a try – and yes, sometimes it’s that easy. It’s apparently a joint venture of May am Ufer, that corner restaurant just by the Kanal, Wedding’s Italian food, wine and culture spot Neontoaster, as well as Siziliessen, an importer of Sicilian foodstuffs. If the weather keeps delivering these grand days, this might be your new fav canal-side spot with its “natural” and simple Italian fare.
Pannierstraße 32, 12047 Neukölln, Mon–Sat 17:0023:00, Sun 12:00–23:00

Grand Tang Xi Yu

Full disclaimer, I did not like Grand Tang’s main restaurant on Pestalozzistraße in Charlottenburg, so I’m hesitant with this one. However, the pictures of this new handmade noodle place look just too yummy to not put it on this list. But I also realise the hype is real because this new one’s so conveniently located for many instagrammers – it’s in Prenzlauer Berg. And! Reports do say it’s not spicy at all, so beware.
Prenzlauer Allee 204, 10405 Prenzlauer Berg, Mon–Sat 12:00–23:00

The Poutine Kitchen

Alright, a new fries place is in town, bringing the Canadian superfood Poutine to hungry Moabiters – located in a corner of Arminiusmarkthalle, this one’s all about putting gravy and cheese curds on top of fries, and if you’ve read this blog at all, you’ll know I’m here for that. They also serve pancakes, corn dogs, Canadian beer and such.
Arminiusstraße 2-4, 10551 Moabit, Mon—Wed 12:00–21:00, Thu–Sat 12:00–22:00

Saint Bess

After finally visiting the much praised Stranero and leaving rather disappointed, I am definitely in for a new pizza destination in Wedding – instead of focussing on the classics, this one seems to be a little more out there in terms of topping-creating. Like this gorgeous looking ‘za covered in leafy greens, aubergine purree, red and green basil, and fresh lime. Their oven also looks very, very attractive.
Sprengelstraße 41, 13353 Wedding – couldn’t find any opening times

Toki The White Rabbit

Alright, writing an engaging paragraph on “plant based” food in 2018 is tough, because we’ve kinda heard it all before. The “actually vegan but we won’t call it that to not offend omnivores” trend has fully arrived (very late, as usual in the rather trend-averse Berlin) and here’s another place to put on your list. BUT! The menu of this place does sound somewhat enticing: they have a ssam ssam with mushrooms, a coconut papaya salad, pumpkin pakoras, and oven baked celeriac with dates, as well as an almond butter and banana bread. Right? Oh, and it’s the newest opening of local restaurant magnat Duc Ngo.
Kantstraße 135-136, 10625 Charlottenburg, Mon–Sun 09:00–20:00

Witz Hummus

Do you remember that one summer when Kanaan had a location in Kreuzberg? Well, it didn’t work out for them and the space remained hummus-less for way too long. Now, Witz (joke!) moved into it, focussing on chickpeas, exclusively. Maybe adding an egg, pickles, and heaps of oil, but it’s basically that: hummus. Which is all I need, really.
Blücherstraße 37, 10961 Kreuzberg, Tue–Sat 12:15–19:00, Sun 13:00–18:00

Chipi Chipi Bombom & Natur Eis & Par Creamery

Okay, I’m quitting the usual alphabetical order to bring you 3 new ice cream places – three! – how lucky are we?
The first one, Chipi for short, calls itself a craft eis place, and as such deals with flavours like baked sweet potato (not totally sure about that one), dulce de leche (very much up my alley). They also do ice cream deliveries.
Warschauer Str. 12, 10243 Friedrichshain, daily 14:00–23:00

The second one, Natur Eis, is out in Spandau, and while this sounds a bit much, their no-additives, artisanal ice cream doesn’t only come as the usual scoop, but as soft serve!! An entirely under represented ice cream category that I want to see more of and yes, would go to Spandau for.
Breite Str. 37, 13597 Spandau

Last, but not least, the name will already tell you that Par Creamery is not for those looking for some down to earth, classic flavours. Instead, they’re advertising vegan peanut sorbet, creamy carrot cake ice cream, S’More ice cream and much more on their social media feeds, and are probs trying to up the competition for the local master of opulent ice cream, Hokey Pokey. Let’s see how that goes…
Oderberger Str. 38, 10435 Prenzlauer Berg, Tue–Thu 14:00–19:00, Fri–Sun 13:00–21:00


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