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Archive: September 2018

Eats in Berlin: Upscale French Toast and Soggy Fries

So, here’s a new thing I’ll be doing. Because a, it fits better with my overall schedule, and b, it’s better aligned with how I currently want to write about the Berlin food scene on this blog: short but sweet recommendations (or not), depending on whatever I ate the week prior. It’s, admittedly, much more blogging than reporting / journalisting, but hey, this is a blog! So let’s go back to the roots. Let me know what you think!
Otherwise, here’s where I ate this past week and what I thought. (However, I’m leaving out the disappointing salad at a very prominent co-working space in Kreuzberg, which really isn’t worth neither a pic nor a word.)

Seriously: Ten New Food Spots We Should Try This Autumn

Aaaaaand summer is over. Is it, though? Not quite, there’s some 30 degrees coming up this week but the air certainly already feels autumnal. And people sense it too, I’ve seen three too many down jackets and knit beanies already. I actually can’t believe people to be so eager to bring them out while it’s still 25 and up! However, my summer’s been very busy, I basically worked and worked and then took a week’s break just to work some more when I came back. Not on the blog, obviously, but as a creative director for a huge project (or three, to be precise). However, I’m kinda back and also need some new inspiration where to eat these days. Lucky me, many things have opened up in the past weeks and months – there’s new pizza (of course, 2018 is the year of sourdough with tomato sauce and cheese), new wine bars in (almost) every district, new coffee and new bibimbap! Have you been to any of these yet? Let me know how you liked it!
And if you need more places that are still kinda new, check out the previous list.