Seriously: Ten New Food Spots We Should Try This Autumn

Aaaaaand summer is over. Is it, though? Not quite, there’s some 30 degrees coming up this week but the air certainly already feels autumnal. And people sense it too, I’ve seen three too many down jackets and knit beanies already. I actually can’t believe people to be so eager to bring them out while it’s still 25 and up! However, my summer’s been very busy, I basically worked and worked and then took a week’s break just to work some more when I came back. Not on the blog, obviously, but as a creative director for a huge project (or three, to be precise). However, I’m kinda back and also need some new inspiration where to eat these days. Lucky me, many things have opened up in the past weeks and months – there’s new pizza (of course, 2018 is the year of sourdough with tomato sauce and cheese), new wine bars in (almost) every district, new coffee and new bibimbap! Have you been to any of these yet? Let me know how you liked it!
And if you need more places that are still kinda new, check out the previous list.

Aera Bread

Okay, so bread. Not just any bread, though! Gluten-free bread! Gluten-free sourdough bread! Ava Celik, founder and head of this entirely new venture, started baking after she learned about her own celiac disease and discovered that most conventional gluten-free bread products on the market are actually just doughy, dense and tasteless sponges (my words, not hers!). After much experimenting and 2.5 years of studying, testing and refining, she’s now on her way to open her very first bakery. I’ve tasted her bread on a market and the crust is crispy (very unusual for gluten-free),the crumb is airy and the taste is a delicious result of the diverse mix of flours she uses: corn, brown millet, teff and more. Her bakery is going to be located in Charlottenburg’s Fasanenstraße and will open around December.


One of Kyoto’s finest coffee places (with shops all over the world), Arabica, has opened their very first European branch in Kreuzberg’s Reichenberger Straße. The huge space located in a backyard is decked out in shiny and light colors and bold shapes inspired by German designer Dieter Rams. What’s new for Arabica is that this place also has a kitchen where they cook breakfast and lunch, among them a grilled cheese sandwich and a cheese and ham croissant. Let’s see how this Japanese brand can establish itself in the already quite populous local coffee scene.
Reichenberger Strasse 36, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg, Mon–Fri 08:00–18:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00

Companion Coffee

Not just another coffee shop, but the very first stand-alone shop of Companion Coffee who started their caffeine and tea business inside of Voo Store (where they’ll still be). The much bigger and brighter space features their signature delicious coffee and has enough room to draw bigger attention to their tea (and hopefully tea tastings), which they source themselves from smaller and bigger farms all over the world.
Weserstraße 166, 12045 Berlin Neukölln, open 7 days a week


Mitte is not necessarily known as a breeding ground for hot new bars, but this new wine bar might challenge your usual avoidance of the central streets past 20:00. Willi Schlögl, former sommelier at Cordobar, and Johannes Schellhor, former sommelier at Nobelhart & Schmutzig, opened a friendly bar with Austrian (their home country) appeal. The short food menu shows a distinct taste for Austrian carnivorous delights – Beinschinken, Tafelspitzsalat and Presskopfsülze are prepared by head chef Stephanie La. The wine list is long and goes up to 990 Euro, but starts at 30 per bottle, so get your friends and head to Mitte.
Mittelstrasse 1, 10117 Berlin Mitte, Tue–Sat from 17:00

Gazzo Pizza

Is this the year of artisanal pizza? This is at least the third place opening which boasts about artisanal ingredients and deliciousness, but am I mad about it? No! I’ve yet to find a pizza that does it for me, so I’m excited to try this one which isn’t using yeast but sourdough. Plus, I’m aware that many other people have loved pizzas I only deemed acceptable. Also, they have soft serve on the dessert menu, and you should know by now that this is my absolute soft spot.
Hobrechtstrasse 57, 12047 Neukölln, Wed–Sun 17:00–22:00


New businesses are slowly moving into the massive new building opposite of the Jewish museum in Lindenstraße, and this is one of them: Jinok Kim is a ceramist and passionate chef and opened her shop to showcase her work as well as her cooking style. The lunch and evening menu is reduced, albeit updated regularly, but if the bibimbap is on point, who’d even want more than that? I’m looking forward to testing the kimchi and hope their kimchi soup also comes in a vegetarian variation. There’s lunch from Monday to Thursday, and dinner on Friday and Saturday, in between it’s tea and cake.
Lindenstraße 90, 10969 Berlin Kreuzberg, Mon–Thu 12:00–19:00, Fri–Sat 12:00–22:30.


Arno Brandlhuber, architect of the very concrete building in Mitte’s Brunnenstraße has built a giant version of that in Wedding (okay, it’s different, just very distinct Brandlhuber). It’s the home of Pahr, a new self-described “restaurant and platform for creative experiences”. Equipped with all high design ware, the brutalist space currently shows just tiny glimpses on their instagram: roasted tomatoes, natural wine and pickled lemons. It’s female owned (as is the building) and open for lunch from tomorrow, but that’s about all I can tell you now. It’ll be interesting to see how (or, whether?) this space integrates with its surroundings, a still decidedly not-hip and not expensive part of Wedding.
Böttgerstraße 16, 13357 Berlin Wedding


A palsta is a lot in Finnish, but not as in much or many, but as in part of land. A wine bar named Palsta has recently taken over the gastro space just opposite the Herrfurthstraße entry of the Tempelhofer Feld and has already scored high with many foodies in the city. Besides very good natural wine, they’re said to serve delicious small plates inspired by Nordic countries from alternating local or invited chefs. Sounds like a really good idea to combine sunset watching with an apero or more at Palsta…
Oderstraße 52, 12049 Berlin Neukölln, Wed–Sun from 15:00


Shishi means Friday in Hebrew, but in German, and probably especially in Berlin, it’s more likely understood as Brimborium, a bit over the top, a bit much – which is why places are often positively described as having “no chichi”, as in being down to earth. Hidden in a backyard of increasingly busy Ritterstraße, Shishi is the new place of Yafo’s Shani Ahiel, who is focussing on local and organic ingredients for the menu, as well as good wine and fun music for the dancing after. There’re no residential neighbours and their first party series is called Spritz and is outspokenly queer, so Yalla!
Ritterstraße 12, 10969 Berlin Kreuzberg, Mon–Fri 12:00–23:00, Sat 11:00–00:00

Tenzan Lab

Ice cream season is never over, if you ask me – so here’s a new Japanese ice cream, or more shaved ice (kakigori) space in Prenzlauer Berg. Apart from  monthly changing versions of shaved ice with handmade sirup (like purple sweet potato, Japanese chestnut, or sakura), they’re also doing taiyaki, that usually sweet filled waffle in fish shape. They’re even filling it with caprese or tuna salad. We’ll see, I’d say. But definitely going for the sweet version and a huge serving of their kakigori.
Wörtherstraße 22, 10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Tue–Sun 13:00–20:00


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