Eats in Berlin: Cheesy Breads and Sugary Pastries

I’ve had a week of pastries, it seems like. Carbs are always important for me (writing this with a carrot walnut muffin in hand), but this week I upped my game with two pastry breakfasts on the weekend. I’m still in the finalising steps of a job and didn’t get around a lot, and since I didn’t want to show you pictures of my fav home cooked lentil soup (credit to My New Roots from 2009!), this one’s mostly baked goods. Have a good week! And let me know about any exciting things you ate this past week.


I wanted to recommend this one for so long, but I kinda never got to it. It’s originally been a tip from Chris of Companion Coffee, and last week’s dinner wasn’t my first time ordering too many pieces of Khachapuri, a cheese-filled bread – order the whole wheel I say, don’t pretend you could do with just one slice. Schwiliko is a Georgian restaurant run by a mother-daughter pair. For mains, I wanted to order the beans in a claypot that comes with even more Khachapuri, but it was out that day so that not so pretty picture up there shows you Ajapsandali, roasted aubergine with tomato sauce and served with Chvishtari (corn bread with cheese). Maybe I thought this one was more of a winter place and that’s why it hasn’t made it on the site? So since winter is here, dig in.

Schlesische Straße 29

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

daily from 17:00

Barcello’s Salon Sucre

The hair dresser and French patisserie shop on Görlitzer Straße has shortened its opening times even more – Eric Muller is only baking for the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday… Even more reason for me to ring in the final working day of the week with an almond pastry. I remembered it being even flakier and fresher, but it’s still a pretty damn good croissant filled with sweet almond paste. And an interview with him was one of the very first food related articles on this blog! Eight years ago!

Görlitzerstrasse 32A

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Fri–Sun 10:00 –18:00


This is a bakery and salad bar on Schlesische Straße, currently hidden under atrocious scaffolding (like so many parts of this city). While I’ve never went for the baked goods, the salad bar is a tried and tested fav of mine: every day (or at least every weekday, haven’t been checking in on weekends) they have a grand choice of different salads from all greens to shredded cabbage with edamame, parsley with olives and cheese, giant bulgur bulbs with dried tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils, all the way to ravioli, noodles, and saffron rice. You choose three different ones for 5 Euro or five different ones for 6 Euro and you’ll get a rather healthy, fresh lunch that won’t weigh you down (unless you choose five noodle dishes). I always go for the ones with intensive flavours like olives and dried tomatoes, otherwise it might be a bit bland since they’re not wizards when it comes to dressings. And I usually add salt, but otherwise: super good. I’m really not sure why this concept isn’t done by more places.

Schlesische Straße 39

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

daily 06:00–20:00

Kaffee 9

Hello weekend! On Saturday I had a super early day to join a conference on Black Feminism in Wedding and had a quick coffee and pastry break at Kaffee Neun. Lucky me, the pastry was made by my current fav pastry-maker in town: Albatross (read on…). The coffee is delicious at this place, as is the people watching, with vendors rolling up to set up for the farmers market inside of Markthalle 9, regulars strolling by and Berlin’s foodie elite hanging out. Pro tip: choose the seat just next to the roastery in the back, where you’ll see everything but not everyone will notice you.

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Sat 07:30–18:00,
Sun 10:00–18:00

Foto: Isa Jehle


Albatross is making one of the best breads in the city and is my current fav because it lasts for days without going stale. I prefer picking mine up in the morning to enjoy one of their seasonal pastries (can’t wait for their Christmas takes) and a cappuccino with oat milk and a chat. The place is stuffed at times and at other’s wonderfully relaxing. There used to be a bakery in here before, and while some long-time locals have embraced the newbies fully, I heard others found it too expensive and snobby. I have a totally warped sense of pricing when it comes bread, so I’m not bothered by their 6 Euro tag for a loaf, but that’s not available to everyone. We’ll see whether and how they’ll be able to integrate with the long-time residents.

Graefestraße 66/67

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg

daily 08:00–16:30


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  1. Rachel on


    Schwiliko sounds amazing, I’ll definitely have to try it! Have you also tried Salhino? It’s another Georgian restaurant in Charlottenburg, their khachapuri is incredible.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Not yet! But I’m definitely into a khachapuri winter!

  2. Jane on


    Great new type of blog post, happy to see you blogging again, keep up the great work, I very much appreciate your recommendations! Thank you!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      thank you!

  3. Julia on


    First: Great blog post! I keep on thinking: I need to move to Kreuzberg, like, tomorrow!
    Second: Mary: Have you ever done a blog on the local market scene (“Wochenmärkte”) in Berlin? Even though we´re heading into winter now, I think it would be super interesting to see and read about which markets offer what kind of good locally sourced products. At the moment, I still have the feeling it´s only Markthalle Neun or Winterfeld Platz Markt you can go to for that – but I am sure there´s more!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Good point! Here you can find all the articles on market that I’ve done: – these are still my favs, you should also try the one in Charlottenburg at Karl August Platz!

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