Eats in Berlin: Chili Noodles & Vegan Donuts

Isn’t that the combo you’re craving during this first weeks of icy weather? Definitely the chili noodles! And why not a donut for dessert? Hmmm… yus. Just as good to get that warming belly fat growing is one or three portions of hummus, topped with falafel, fresh bread, veggies and all the oil. By the way, the chili noodles are only available again tomorrow and I don’t want you to miss out on them. (Otherwise you’ll have to wait till the next pop-up…)

Brammibal’s Donuts

I really do like the vegan donuts at Brammibals, and these bakers have been so busy – with two new shops, one in Prenzlauer Berg and one at Potsdamer Platz, this one might soon take the crown of Berlin’s most successful food biz of the year? However, I also know people who aren’t fans of these sweets, and I feel like that’s because they might be doing it wrong. So for one, if possible, avoid the lines on weekend afternoons. Not only does it spare you time, but because another important fact. Donuts don’t have a great shelf life, they’re best eaten when fresh. Brammibals only sells them for one day, and they often sell out (and if they don’t, they’ll give them away nearing the end of the day (you’ll get 2 donuts if you buy 1 etc). However, I still think they taste best in the mornings, the dough is fluffier and softer, the filling and topping fresher and more intense. Later in the day, I’d always go for a filled one (if still available) it makes up for the slightly drier dough, but I really do prefer eating their donuts in the morning. Alas, many people would define donuts as breakfast food, not dessert. And as said, you’ll probably also have the whole shop to yourself in the morning. Unfortunately Brammibals itself doesn’t support this idea anymore – they’re currently only opening at ten.

Maybachufer 8

12047 Berlin Neukölln

daily 10:00 – 18:00,
(or until sold-out)

The Hummusapiens

I wanted to try this place for some time, but Singh’s just next to it, so it took me a while. I find the name a little too complicated, however, they boast the Beirut-Berlin connection and that spoke to me (after basically just returning from Lebanon). Their main product is hummus, either as a single dish topped with potatos, or beef, or on a plate with halloumi, falafel, fried vegetables or beef sausage. So first of all, isn’t that a pretty decoration on that hummus? So delicate. As is the hummus itself, not too heavy, not too overwhelming and nicely balanced. The olive oil was fragrant, the halloumi squeaky and the falafel had their very own, delicate flavour we couldn’t entirely pin down. The plate is just 5,50 Euro by the way, and you get very good value for your money.

Oppelner Straße 45

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

daily 12:00 – 24:00


You might already know it, because I’m not shy about it: I’m a huge fan of Lasan’s falafel. For me, they’re one of the best in the city – picturesque crispy golden brown exterior matches the soft, tasty interior and I have yet to find a place that handles the frier better than this. For dinner, I granted myself falafel on a plate with several of their sauces, instead of just the hummus. My favourite will forever be the red and spicy Lasan sauce. One big reason for this being my fav is also the bread fresh out of the tandur oven, and the fresh, home-made ayran (don’t miss that).

Adalbertstraße 96

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon-Fri 9:00–23:00,
Sat-Sun 10:00-24:00

Ash with a bowl of her well stirred Chongqing noodles.

ChungKing Noodles

There was a time, when the only updates I published on this blog were following where Ash Lee was serving her chili noodles next. And it’s time again, and the perfect weather for it. I promise you, this chili warms you inside and out. This week, she’s serving them for lunch at Arabica in Kreuzberg, a very spacious location that mainly serves coffee drinks and lunch and gave their open kitchen up to Ash for two days. She makes a noodle dish from the Chongqing area, where the noodles are mixed with her own chili oil, a lot of other condiments as well as braised peas. And it’s so so, good. You’ll definitely see me there again tomorrow. It’s very, very spicy, and if you’re not used to chili you will probably miss out on the many other levelness: the sweetness of the peas, the earthiness of the shiitake broth, the sourness of the vinegar. It might need some training, but if you get there, it’s an almost holy experience. Delish!
ChungKing Noodles at Arabica Kreuzberg, Reichenberger Straße 36, Thursday Nov 22nd, 12:00–15:00


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  1. Natalie on


    I’m not usually a donut fan but Brammibals has totally won me over. I find them light and the flavours delicious. Mmmnnnnn….

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