Eats in Berlin: Pizza and Pita

Pizza at Gazzo

How was your week? Did you have a good one? Any good food? Any new places? Okay, you’re right, I have no idea how to write a sleek intro to this week’s Eats article so better just get into it.
Ah and by the way, please let me know whether you like this new format! (Or what you dislike about it…)

Kreuzberger Himmel

I finally made it to this Syrian restaurant and it was delicious! The place was packed, though, we should’ve booked a table but were lucky enough to find a place for us two at a bigger table. We obviously got the mixed mezze for two (13,90 Euro) which was really good – especially the refreshing yet creamy and grainy Kishke (which I’ve never had before), a mix of yoghurt, bulgur, garlic, cream cheese and cucumber. The hummus is very much my taste as well, neither too dense nor too fluffy. If you can, get the freekeh main after, I hope they’re adding a vegetarian version of this dish soon. It’s a great place and I already recommended it a ton since I went a week ago. So book your table.

Yorckstraße 89

10965 Berlin Kreuzberg

Tue–Fri 17:00–24:00,
Sat–Sun 10:00–24:00

Bone Berlin

It’s Kimchi Käsespätzle week at Bone Berlin at Markthalle Neun’s Kantine! If you’re like: “huh, wtf?!” you’re missing out, dear. I’m sorry I’m only telling you now, on Thursday, but you still have a bit of time to get this favourite of mine: fresh spätzle (egg noodles) smothered in cheese, gochujang and well fermented cabbage. (7,50 Euro, and works way better than Kimchi Poutine, for me.) It might sound odd to those who’ve never tried it, the rest will totally get why this notice is important. Oh, I just loves this dish. Unfortunately, it’s not a regular dish on any menu in Berlin, but here’s a recipe Lauren Lee of Fräulein Kimchi once gave me.

Eisenbahnstrasse 42–43

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg


So after a fabulous lunch on Monday (see above), I was up for another on Tuesday and went to a fairly new spot on Kreuzberg’s Ritterstraße: Shishi is the younger sister of Mitte’s very popular Israeli restaurant Yafo. It’s supposed to be more of a night / bar place, but they do offer lunch and although Yafo never really convinced me as being more than okay, I was excited to see what they do in Kreuzberg. I ordered the veggie pita on a plate: a house-made bread with grilled vegetables, tahini sauce, fragrant olive oil, and zhug, a chili, cilantro and garlic sauce. And now to the fun part: this plate (basically a “deconstructed” pita sandwich) cost me 8 Euro. I’m still stunned two days later, ha. Remember me being puzzled about Mugrabi’s prices a month ago? Shishi takes the cake. Honestly, I don’t understand – and I’m absolutely not opposed to paying 8 Euros for lunch, I might even consider paying 8 Euros for a sandwich – but make me taste that.

Cha for Tee

On Tuesday night I was in for a treat: Blood Orange had a show at Columbia Theater and it was mesmerizing and amazing and such great! Before the show, we went for Chinese dumplings around the corner – Cha for Tee is a charming place on Friesenstraße with very sweet staff and a big choice of veggie and meat-filled dumplings. You should get the ones with fried tofu, which are my favourite, and the ones with green beans and olive leafs, and all the rest, if you can. The green beans with ginger sauce as a starter and you’re all set!

Friesenstraße 18

10965 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Sat 12:00–22:00


Berliners love every new pizza place, it seems. This restaurant barely opened 2 months ago but it’s packed and you better book a table. However, what I heard most raves about wasn’t so much the pizza, but the dessert! Fresh soft serve ( with olive oil and crumbles (5 Euro) – and yes, it’s as good as they say. The one with poached pears is also good, just order both. What’s also good here is the salad with roasted chickpeas, it has some very aromatic miso lemon dressing (9,50 Euro) and is big enough to serve as a main. But yeah, you wanna hear about the pizza: it’s made with sourdough instead of yeast and actually baked to my liking: crispy crust, fluffy but not dry, creating that flap of the tip of your piece (get that? might need to add some photos next time). We got the one with tomato, mozzarella, and basil (8,50 Euro), as well as the one with aubergine puree and pecorino (11 Euro). While the latter one was surprisingly bland, the former was good enough. I would like the dough to be even more intense in flavour and also the toppings could all use some punch. But I guess me and pizza in Berlin is just difficult. I’d definitely come back for the salad and the dessert and the wonderful atmosphere, and wouldn’t mind a bite or too of their pizza. They have some fun seasonal ones I’d like to try at some point.

Hobrechtstraße 57

12047 Berlin Neukölln

Wed–Sun 17:00–22:00


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  1. thalassophile on


    I had not such a nice experience with Gazzo. They do not handle the feedback well. In both of our pizzas the dough was slightly undercooked. We have also seen them putting salt on top of baked pizza (no-go!) and olive oil with a spoon on pizzas that do not require that. After I pointed those things out but also mentioned the positive things they got very defensive. They told me those things are not bad, it is all on purpose and maybe not for my taste. I don’t think this is the way to treat any customer. I am defijitely not coming back.
    P. S.: I have visitde with an Italian from the south. Imagine the disappointment ;)

  2. Reiseholz on


    Actually I liked Shishi :) and Cha for Tee as well… nice blog!

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