Eats in Berlin: Pizza, Pasta, and a Persian Inspired Feast

My food experience of the last weeks feels a bit scattered, to be honest. For one, there’re so many new places I haven’t been to yet and can’t seem to make it. Either because they’re inconveniently located, or they’re too new to trust. Most times I dunno whether they’re really worth the investment of getting out of my house in the low-light season where all I wanna do is go to bed around 4pm. So instead I’m listening to podcasts while trying to finish that annoying diamond painting showing a tentacle-haired woman holding a squid (not joking, message me if you wanna see) until it’s a reasonable time for bed (9pm). No worries though, I do get out of the house to get some pizza, some Korean food, some Italian groceries, classic Japanese and to join the feast of feasts as a preview for what is going to be the next season of rightfully praised Das Brunch. And in case you’d rather stay in right now – how about you check your closet for coats and shoes to donate at my annual clothing donation event called Warm Up? It’s happening next Sunday at Markthalle Neun and you should all come. (If you have nothing to donate, still come by and buy a lottery ticket).


Friends from the south came to town and were like: what new place do we need to try!? And my choice was Gazzo. First of all, because the dessert, the buffalo milk soft serve, is a simple yet stunning dish, especially with the olive oil and sea salt. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth! Second, because the atmosphere is really enjoyable, especially on a Saturday night when the place is casual and buzzing and because the staff is quick and fun. And third, the food. The pizzas are solid, well baked, tasty toppings, and fun varieties. Pictured above is the kale with cheese, which is very, very cheesy, but who’d be against that? We also ordered the aubergine one, which was way more intense than the first time I tried it. The dough could still be more intense for me, but I get how that’s not for everyone.

Hobrechtstraße 57

12047 Berlin Neukölln

Wed–Sun 17:00–22:00


The area around the Jewish Museum is an odd one, albeit one with many new building projects with gastronomic spaces inside of them. One of them is Nanum, a Korean restaurant and pottery, where more or less traditional dishes are served on their own ceramics. They mainly do lunch with three dishes, a bibimbap (veggie or with beef), and two more dishes with rather poetic names like “black lips” and “lucky cubes”. Pictured here is the “Würfel am Glück”, namely tofu with black rice and mushroom sauce with cucumber cabbage salad. I actually wanted to try their bibimbap, but when we arrived at two, it was already sold out. The place was packed by the way, seems like all the offices around have been waiting for a good lunch place to open around here. I really wanna go back for the bibimbap, because these lucky cubes were a not too bad, just not very impressive.

Lindenstraße 90

10969 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Thu 12:00–18:00,
Fri 12:00–22:30,
Sat 15:00–22:30


After not getting a table at my first-lunch-choice that day, because basically all of them were occupied by people using their laptops, we decided for Cocolo (also because right in that hangry moment I didn’t think of that new noodle place in the area I wanted to try…). It’s a tried and tested favourite. But to make it a bit new, I ordered a don instead of a ramen soup, which comes with some miso soup and a bit of pickled cucumber. It’s solid, good lunch, albeit not very exciting, yet quite affordable at 7 Euros a tray. A plus: this location is filled with sunshine and very warm (if the outside weather provides it).

Gräfestrasse 11

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mo–Sat: 12:00–23:00

Amore Store

This small yet packed space is full of delicious goodies from Italy: Piedmontese hazelnuts, original panettone, chocolate, cheese, ham, pasta, rice, tomatoes, and every other thing you need to make Italian inspired cuisine in your own home. All products are carefully selected, come in packaging so stunning, you might consider buying these items just for display. They also carry Italian socks, beauty products, an array of gorgeous candles, spumante, cookies, and stationary. It’s an instant mood lifter. And, they now have an online shop (you know, in case you also rather don’t leave the house these dark days).

Sanderstraße 12

12047 Berlin Neukölln

Tue–Fri 12:00–19:00,
Sat 12:00–18:00

Picture: Rocket & Basil

Rocket & Basil at The Store

I’m writing this just after I returned from Rocket & Basil’s takeover at the Store, where they cook up some fantastic brunch and lunch today and tomorrow. Their cooking is rooted in the food of their Iranian mother and their Australian upbringing. I had the scrambled eggs with smokey aubergine, chilli, coriander and the most buttery flatbread they developed together with Bekarei. I was too full to wait for their lunch menu which sounds equally amazing, but I will devour the piece of gluten-free ginger cake with cardamom cream I got to go as soon as I finished writing this post. It’s a preview for what’s to come in their very own space early next year, which is the next, permanent instalment of their famed Das Brunch pop-up series.
Rocket and Basil takeover at The Store