Recap & Winners: Warm Up #5

Photo: Anna Warnow

Oh my heart! Yesterday’s Warm up #5 at Markthalle Neun was soooo successful! We collected over 440 pieces plus 466,19 Euro!! Which is more than double from last year! You all really came out and schlepped and donated and contributed so, so much! We gave out over 500 lottery tickets to over 190 people and filled over 50 boxes with over 250 coats and jackets, over 170 shoes and more than 20 tents, sleeping bags and mats! So proud of you, really!!
This is a huge help for Kreuzberg Hilft, who will distribute all donations in Berlin and beyond.
Before we get to listing the winners of the 21 amazing prizes, I also want to thank my lovely helpers Ash, Helen, Majeed, Marion, Sarah and Steffi! Now read on to see whether you won!

Photo: Anna Warnow

If you couldn’t make it last night or want to donate even more, the easiest place to donate is the Stadtmission close by Hauptbahnhof, but there are plenty other places you can find via the popular search engines. Here’s a link with a couple of places supporting the Kältehilfe, and here’s a list of containers of the Stadtmission, but make sure to only use these containers and don’t just dump it into any you can find. Most of the containers found on every street belong to dubious organisations with loads of overhead costs who often end up selling your donations here or abroad (and thus, harming local economies).

But now let’s proceed to the winners, all of which will be notified via Email later today:

The 50 Euro voucher for Amore Store goes to Antje W.
One 50 Euro voucher for Commonground (can also be used at Silo) goes to Ruby F., the other to Finja W.
The 100 Euro voucher for the sustainably produced goodies at Folkdays goes to Frank R.
The dinner for 2 at Gazzo (including bottomless buffalo soft serve!) goes to Kay D.
The 100 Euro voucher for super hip concept store Hallesches Haus goes to Lina M.
The brunch for four at Hallmann & Klee goes to Rosamond E.
The brunch for four at Isla Coffee goes to Sandra H.
One 50 Euro voucher for Kanaan goes to Ruth W, the other to Majeed A.
The dinner for two at Karloff goes to Nadja S.
The dinner for two at Kin Dee goes to Maria R.
The dinner for two at Lode & Stijn goes to Birgit H.
The box of delicious red wine from Maitre Philippe goes to Liz T.
The 50 Euro voucher for cocktail haven Mr. Susan goes to Friederike Z.
The official Okay shirt, a bag of beans from Koppi and a 30 Euro brunch voucher for Okay Café goes to Ulrike M.
The 50 Euro voucher for luxe second hand The Good Store goes to Katrin D, the 100 Euro voucher to Anna-Maria H. and the 150 Euro voucher to Robina L.
The package filled with all the goodies from Markthalle Neun (cheese, coffee, wine, salami etc) goes to Monika M.
And last but not least, the 50 Euro voucher for Vintage Galore goes to Jenny L.


And see you all next year!!!

Photo: Anna Warnow