Eats in Berlin: 3 Favourites

green bowl with pickled shiitake mushrooms, sauce, and a beignet on a table in thai restaurant kin dee in berlin

I didn’t eat out a lot so I don’t have much to report. But I ate at three of my fav places in the city and that is always worth mentioning. All three of them have been in my foodie-heart for a long time and I’m happy to say they keep up their good quality. Which is not the norm in inconsistent Berlin! So I leave you with these three tried and tested places for the week. I’m going to Hamburg this weekend and already have a long list of places I’m gonna eat that and I will tell you all about the eateries in the city by the river, next week.

white bowl with two pieces of banana bread covered in hazelnuts, seeds, and icing sugar on a cork table at breakfast place Okay Cafe in Neukölln

Okay Café

If I wanna have a good brunch, this is my spot: on the weekend, I’ll get a lil plate of plattar, small pancakes topped with vegan caviar (made of seaweed), sour cream and dill, and then one of their sweet dishes. This time it was toasted gingerbread banana bread topped with cream and hazelnuts and pommegranate seeds. Very indulgent, crunchy and soft, sweet and slightly tart. My suggestion is to go early, because as every good breakfast place in the city, it gets really crowded from around 11 on the weekends. Oh and the weeks of Semla are coming up: a Semlor is a Swedish cardamom bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream and it’s only served on the last Tuesday before fasting season. I’ve not been in town for it for the past years but I will be this year. Okay Café is extending the day into weeks with different Semla variations so you know where to find me.

Pflügerstraße 68

12047 Berlin Neukölln

Tue–Fri 09:00 – 18:00,
Sat & Sun 10:00–19:00

Porcellain bowl with Chinese noodles, chili oil and condiments on a wooden table at chungking pop up restaurant in berlin

ChungKing Noodles

Oh my, I just love these noodles! I’ve written about them a ton already, and here I am doing it again! This time, Ash Lee served her very spicy noodles with starters and dessert as a Chinese New Years’ dinner at Baldon. She began with pickled Jerusalem artichokes, beans and a sausage she made with the infamous Sausage Man Never Sleeps, and closed the meal with mochi cake filled with red beans and topped with roasted soy beans powder. Highlight were, as usual, the noodles – so spicy, so chili, so numbing, and yet still so earthy and acidic. Just fabulous. Follow her facebook to keep up to date.

a marbled bowl with a round piece of cake topped with granita on a table at thai restaurant kin dee in berlin

Kin Dee

Quite spontaneously, the possibility arose to eat at my favourite, favourite (twice because it really is my fav) place in town: Kin Dee. Dalad Kambhu’s food is so good, I’m lacking the words. You get a 4 course menu of Thai food made with local and seasonal ingredients for 48 Euros, and that’s just a very good deal considering the work that goes into the dishes. The sauces she makes are just tremendous with their mix of acidity and spiciness (the scallops come with the bestest green sauce, and the octopus with a delicious brown one that reminded some of us of mole). Even the side vegetables (braised fennel) are just too damn delicious. Pictured here is a new dessert, a quince spongecake topped with gin tonic granita. And pictured all the way on the top of this article is the mushroom starter – it’s pickled shiitake mushrooms, an oyster mushroom in batter, mushroom sauce, truffle oil and an intense herb we forgot to ask the name of. Behind it is Kin Dee’s gin tonic with lime leaf and lemon grass infused gin which you should get as an aperitif. If you haven’t been here you have to go. Kin Dee is one of the bestest places in town.

Lützowstraße 81

10785 Berlin Tiergarten

Tue–Sat 18:00–22:00


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