Eats in Berlin: Technically Still Winter

Semlor, a Swedish cardamom bun filled with whipped cream on a cork table at Okay Café in Berlin

Someone remember the 10-day-long -10 degrees during the day one year ago? Or are you all already spring-blissed out? I’m wary, I wanna enjoy, but then, climate change… However, I still eat quite winterly, because I want to! I was a bit off the last days because I worked on other projects, I still ate and that’s why this Eats has six places for your consideration. From concrete congee brunch to seasonal cardamom-almond-cream treats. One of them is time-sensitive, so make sure you have some time this Sunday.


A black bowl filled with congee, rice porridge, and topped with mushrooms, salsa and pickled vegetables at Baldon in Berlin


Still quite new, definitely quite shiny – Baldon is a restaurant at the newly opened Lobe Block, a very concrete structure in Wedding close by Gesundbrunnen and Humboldthain park. They’re currently doing weekday lunches, brunch on Saturdays and once-a-week dinner. The space technically looks more like a gallery than a restaurant, even with a very open kitchen. I went two or so weeks ago for brunch on a weekend and it was packed, wow. The menu read a bit complicated and I needed some time to decide whether I wanted an open sandwich or granola and in the end went for this pretty bowl of congee – rice porridge topped with all kinds of pickled, fermented and raw veggies. I enjoyed it, although the porridge was a bit on the watery side. One can taste the effort that goes into sourcing the ingredients and treating them well. Let’s see where this space is headed.
Baldon, Böttgerstraße 16, Tue–Fri 09:00–16:00, Thu from 18:00, Sat 11:00–16:00

A tartlett topped with yellow and white cream at Café Komine in Berlin

Café Komine

I had heard a lot already about this small French Japanese patisserie hidden somewhere in Schöneberg, so no wonder it was really quite crowded (also with a lot of tourists taking selfies with the pretty creations). It felt as if the staff was a bit overwhelmed, but still very polite and eager to serve everyone in time. Most of their little cakes are made with gelatine, so I didn’t really have a choice but the lemon tarte (and a Cannelés), which was fine but I heard the other things are much, much better. I tried the sesame brittle from a green tea number that was really nice. All of their petit masterpieces look stunningly shiny, it’s a great place to get impressive gifts!
Café Komine, Welserstraße 13-15, 10777 Berlin, Wed–Sun 12:30–19:00

Three lunch plates with salad, hummus and curry on a brass table at Bone Berlin at Markthalle Neun

Bone Berlin

Anytime I get a chance to have lunch at Bone Berlin, I’ll take it. Unfortunately it’s not as often as I’d like because the Markthalle has a no-dog-policy. However, if you haven’t eaten with them, you’re missing out! Their menu always has at least one thing I wanna eat, the flavours are intensely on point and the pricing is more than fair. Pictured here is a hummus bowl in the center with fried veggie (makali) which was extraordinary. On the left is a pumpkin salad with a very refreshing dressing that had a lot of zest in it, and on the right is a very heart warming curry. Loads of respect to these guys, the lunch business is not an easy one and they’re excelling week after week.
Bone Berlin is inside of Markthalle Neun, Mon–Fri 12:00–16:00, Sat 10:00–16:00

Eisenbahnstrasse 42–43

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

A white bowl filled with Manti, Anatolian ravioli, yoghurt sauce and paprika at a Turkish restaurant in Berlin

Gözleme Restaurant

Oooooh this plate! It makes me happy just looking at the picture. The women running this restaurant on Karl Marx Straße make their own Gözleme and, pictured here, Manti. These lil dumplings (in this case filled with potato) are so delicious, it’s insane – the vegetarian potato filling is mushy, the wrapper has a wonderful springy consistency, there’s enough garlic in it to kill any flu-viruses still lingering in your body, and the yoghurt sauce on top with the paprika butter is just too indulgent. It’s a fantastic dish that is so very well made. Little tip, don’t get there half an hour before closing, they will probably have run out of fresh Manti.

Karl-Marx-Straße 35

12043 Berlin Neukölln

Mon–Sat 11:00–22:30,
Sun 12:00-22:30

A white lunch plate with lentils, baked carrots and radicchio on a wooden table at Hallesches Haus in Berlin

Hallesches Haus

I know I’ve talked about Hallesches Haus a lot but I have to repeat it just for the sake of the beautiful light on this beautiful dish. We went on a random weekday, the sun was very much out and the place crowded as ever. We snatched seats on the community table, got our lentils with oven roasted carrots, walnuts and radicchio, and then this warm afternoon sunlight fell on the plate, sculpting all of its ingredients into a stunning arrangement of veggie-focussed goodness. Fresh tarragon and a wonderful dressing made this plate even better. In the pretty glass is water kefir with lemon, everything’s very on point here: interior, menu, drinks and even the lighting!

Tempelhofer-Ufer 1

10961 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Fri 10:00–19:00,
Sat 10:00–18:00,
Sun 09:00–17:00

Semlor, a Swedish cardamom bun filled with blueberry whipped cream on a wooden table at Okay Café in Berlin

Okay Café

I’m pretty sure you’re only here because you wanted to know what is pictured up on top, that bun with whipped cream, right? You had to scroll all down here to find out about Semla-season. Semlor is a baked treat from Sweden, traditionally only served on Fat Tuesday, the last day before fasting season, when one would end up devouring all the soon-to-be-forbidden delicacies. It’s a cardamom bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream and it is divine. The only place serving this in Berlin is Okay Café in Neukölln, as far as I know. So no wonder there’s usually a queue of Swedish people crowding the pavement in front of it hoping to get one or three of them. Okay Café has extended Semla season to three Sundays and Fat Tuesday, they started two weeks ago and the final two dates are coming up. I went twice already and you know where to find me this weekend.
They offer the classic Semlor, a vegan one and a weekly special. Pictured here is the special with blueberry whipped cream from last Sunday. You can reserve your Semla, or just queue, both works since they dish out about 400 of these lil buns. See you Sunday!

Pflügerstraße 68

12047 Berlin Neukölln

Tue–Fri 09:00 – 18:00,
Sat & Sun 10:00–19:00


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