Feminism in Berlin: Female Owned Food Businesses Map

Some of you know of my favourite side-hustle, the Feminist Food Club, a network of trans and cis women in gastronomy that Ruth Bartlett and I founded two and a half years ago. One of my earliest ideas for it was to create a map of all the trans and cis female owned food businesses in the city. Because one of the major arguments about why there just aren’t as many famous trans or cis female chefs is that there just aren’t that many. Which is entirely untrue but hard to proof wrong without hard data. So I sat down and with the help of the group researched from high to low and west to east, and compiled all of the businesses with opening hours I could find in a handy google map. Over 160 places are on it right now, which seems a lot but is still far from the truth. So please, if you are trans or cis female and own a food business which isn’t on the map yet, send me an email at info@feministfoodclub.com with all the necessary info so I can fix that.

Feminist Food Club: Trans and Cis Female Owned Food Places

Everyone else, you can just enjoy this map. Journalists may use it for their research to make that 10-best-whatever-places list much more representative of what is actually going on, event planners might need it to make their “female empowerment” happenings actually female powered, and consumers may use it make a conscious decision about where their money goes.

If you want to follow the adventures of the Feminist Food Club, please follow our very informative Instagram profile, or like our just newly set up Facebook page. If you are a trans or cis woman working in gastronomy, subscribe to our newsletter and consider joining our Facebook group. And if you’re really into feminism and community organising and want to support us no matter your gender identity, donate 1 or more bucks per month to our cause via our Steady page. And check our website for a list of trans and cis women working in the local gastronomy, a reading list on feminist food topics, and many more handy resources.


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      thank you :)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      super, added!

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    This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Anja on


    Hey, tolle Karte! Ich glaube Mama Shabz fehlt!

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    ..und NaNum in der Lindenstraße! Sind beide toll :)

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