Car Sharing in Berlin: WeShare x RobinTV

Sponsored by WeShare

Last week, Robin of renowned RobinTV asked me to join him to explore sustainable eating in Berlin white testing the fairly new service of WeShare: 100% electric car sharing. We got into one of their snappy cars and mastered the Berlin traffic (which isn’t really that bad, I think), I finally tasted one of these fancy new plant based burgers and got to show Robin how to do your groceries zero waste style, all while chatting about city traffic, vegetarian diets, and Berlin.

What you need to know is that WeShare is not only 100% electric and as such, super silent and cleaner than other options, but also really affordable at 0,19c per minute plus 1 Euro per rent. And a day is just 39 Euro, perfect for your next Ausflug. Get all the details on
Robin and I got an e-Golf and went to Moabit’s La Fabrica and had a burger with a Moving Mountains patty, which really does have a meat-y quality to it, for sure. It’s toasty, the texture has the fibres you’d expect, and it’s a lot different from your usual veggie burger. As is the price tag – it’s 15 Euros per burger. However,
After mastering the traffic we then arrived at Der Sache Wegen, a zero waste grocery store in Prenzlauer Berg, and Robin got to buy something without package for the very first time. While it does require some preparation (as in, bring your own packages), it’s a lot easier than many people think. Why am I summarising? Because the whole video is in German.