Corona Crisis: Take-away, delivery & online shops in Berlin (updated)

This post was first published March 17, and last updated March 27. Updates will happen regularly.

It’s a tough time, not just for gastronomy. Small businesses are especially affected, and I want to do my best to support. So here’s a list of what local restaurants and food businesses are doing during these trying times. I can’t feature all of them, but please add in the comments, whether you’re a customer or it’s your own business. I will add more, and keep this post updated. Let’s practice care and kindness.

Looking for delivery options? Search for the term “delivery” in this post. Please note, that delivery is only possible in a limited area.
Did my best to keep to the facts, if there’s something incorrect, please let me know.

Status since March 23: All bars are closed, restaurants are only allowed delivery and takeaway, no table service. A “Kontaktsperre” (ban of contact) to more than one person (except families and members of a household) is in effect.


Gazzo Pizza
Gazzo Pizza has enlarged its delivery to the area between Hermannplatz, Kotti, Görlitzer Park and Südstern (lucky folks…). Order at for immediate delivery from 12:00.

Hallesches Haus
Testing their very first Haus to Haus Sunday brunch service this weekend, check the first, short menu with burritos and shakshuka here.

Jones Ice Cream
Have extended their delivery area by a lot to now include more of Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg, Moabit, Mitte and parts of Prenzlauer Berg. Order via their website.

Lode & Stijn
Keeping on with their weekly produce sale from Thu to Sat, 11:99–15:00. Check their instagram for what you can pre-order (they only make 60 loafs of bread per day).


Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf

Aera Bakery
What: Gluten-free bread, granola, and cookies.
Remains open, delivery available via message on their Instagram.

Maitre Philippe
What: French and Portuguese groceries as well as produce.
Online shop and delivery available, more info on Facebook.


Fine Bagels
What: bagels and pastries
Open for takeaway, contactless payment encouraged, home delivery now available at


Albatross Bakery
What: bread and pastries.
Remains open for take-away, card payment only. Home delivery service with Isla Coffee, Alte Milch cheese, and Companion Tea now set up, more info here.

What: coffee and beans
Remains open and encourages distance, free shipping on online shop orders.

Five Elephant
What: coffee and beans
While the Mitte shop closed, Kreuzberg is open with limited opening times for takeaway, discount codes on online shop available. No info on when cheesecake delivery will be established…

Markthalle Neun
What: produce, baked goods, meats and more.
Farmers Market and most sellers remain open, including the cheese monger Alte Milch, Sironi bakery, and Bone Berlin Imbiss. Big Stuff closed. Produce delivery service now open to private customers.

Original Unverpackt
What: zero waste grocery store
Remains open.


Black Isle Bakery
What: cakes, cookies, pastries.
Remains open but only for pre-ordered takeaway and delivery, more info on instagram.

Five Elephant
What: coffee and beans
Mitte shop is closed until further notice, discount codes on online shop available. No info on when cheesecake delivery will be established…

Gut Gut
What: fermented drinks: kefir and kombucha
Online shop and delivery available, shop remains closed.

Lager Lager
What: craft beer
The shops is closed. Home delivery available here.

Vom Einfachen Das Gute
What: bread, meat, cheeses
Remains open.


Amore Store
What: Italian groceries, pasta, pesto, roasted nuts, and more
Remains open, and has an online shop! Delivery in Berlin via bike.

Brammibal’s Donuts
What: vegan donuts
Remains open for take-away only, delivery possible via, added pizza, bread, and Oatly to their range. All shops open except for KadeWe.

Companion Coffee at Weserstraße
What: Tea
Open for take-away, vouchers and tea available via message, email, or in person. Delivery possible via Instagram. Companion at Voo is closed.

What: natural wine
The bar is closed, but the online shop is open – 10% off with the code “jajaathome”.

Lager Lager
What: craft beer
The shops is closed. Home delivery available here.

Muted Horn
What: natural wine
Bar remains closed, bottle shop is open and delivery in the Kiez is possible, more info here.

Populus coffee
What: coffee and beans
Discount codes on orders in the online shop available.

Prenzlauer Berg

What: coffee and beans
Remains open and encourages distance, free shipping on online shop orders.


What: craft beer
Online shop is open, discount code for 20% off for the online shop is “stayhomedrinkbeer”.

Jones Ice Cream
What: ice cream
Only takeaway of ice cream tubs with card payment, online shop with delivery of tubs, cookies, gift cards, and cones now on their website.


Motel Brewery
What: craft beer & coffee from Reinickendorf
Online shop is up and running, temporary 20% off with the code “stayinghome”.


Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf

What: North Indian food
Home delivery available at for certain districts. Tue–Sun 12:00–21:00.

What: “clean eating” bowls and smoothies
Remains open for take-away, delivery (via Lieferando) available.

KLX – Koshary Lux
What: North African food
Takeaway available Mon–Sat 12:00–16:00.

Closed until further notice.


What: “clean eating” bowls, smoothies, pastries and more
All shops closed, but the online shop (limited offer) is still open.

Hako Ramen
What: Japanese Ramen dishes
Closed until further notice.

Khao Taan
Closed until further notice. Pick up three of their signature curry pastes for your homecooking, online shop coming soon. More info here.

Silo Coffee
What: breakfast and brunch food
Closed until further notice, encourages purchase of vouchers.


Closed until further notice.

Chungking Noodles
What: Chongqing noodles
Created a “Chungking & Chill” product to buy at their shop and prepare at home. Limited opening times, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 13:00–16:00.

Fes Turkish BBQ
Closed until further notice.

Hallesches Haus
Closed until further notice, online shop with goods and vouchers is open. Currently testing out delivery service.

Closed until further notice.

Lode & Stijn
Restaurant is closed until further notice. Check their instagram for produce sales every Thu–Sat. Bread, bitterballen and other goodies can be pre-ordered.

What: Korean food
Closed until further notice.

Mama Shabz
What: Pakistani food
Remains open for take-away and has delivery set up from 12:30-15:30 at Vouchers available at

The Panda Noodle
What: East Asian noodle dishes
Takeaway of the four most popular dishes available, order via Instagram or Facebook.


What: “clean eating” bowls and smoothies
Remains open, take-away and delivery (via Lieferando) available.

Distrikt Coffee
Closed until further notice.

Distrikt Mot
What: Vietnamese food
Closed until further notice.

Standard Serious Pizza
Restaurant is closed, take-away and delivery possible at 030 48625614, more info on their instagram. You can also order pizza dough.



Restaurant closed, fried chicken sandwich and other things like fresh pasta available for takeaway, more info on their instagram, delivery coming soon.

What: South Indian food
Closed until further notice.

Gazzo Pizza
Pick-up and delivery in the area available at

Geist Im Glas
What: brunch food & cocktails
Bar is closed, brunch takeaway and cocktail delivery service available, text for pre-order 015251353816 and ask about delivery, more info on their website.

Hallmann & Klee
Closed until further notice. Crowdfunding on Startnext with pancake benefits.

Home: Brewing & Kitchen
What: coffee, pastries, breakfast food
Takeaway and delivery service available for beans, order via, crowdfunding campaign started at

Isla Coffee
Closed until further notice, coffee delivery possible via Albatross delivery, more info here.

Okay Café
What: pastries, cake, breakfast & lunch food
Closed until further notice. Support them by buying merch like t-shirts, vouchers and posters here.

Closed until further notice.

What: breakfast & brunch food
Closed until further notice, get vouchers at

Prenzlauer Berg

What: South Indian food
Closed until further notice.

What: Israeli-Palestinian food
Closed until further notice, you can buy groceries, t-shirts and vouchers in their online shop.


Einstein Stammhaus
What: Austrian food
Closed until further notice, vouchers available at

What: “clean eating” bowls, smoothies, pastries and more
All shops closed, but the online shop (limited offer) is still open.

Kin Dee
What: Michelin starred Thai food.
Restaurant closed until further notice, Thai curry takeaway menu available, infos on Instagram.

What: Syrian food
Restaurant closed until further notice, delivery under 0176 22160998.

Rocket & Basil
What: Persian inspired breakfast & lunch food
Open for take-away and delivery via

Sironi Lapizza
Restaurant closed, takeaway available under 030 21002402.

What: vegetarian Chinese food
Restaurant closed, delivery possible in 2km radius, takeaway possible and encouraged with 15% discount.


Fräulein Kimchi
Setting up a delivery service together with Humble Pie, sign up here (link only works on desktop, not on mobile apps).



Closed until further notice.

What: Taiwanese food
Takeaway menu available, call 015152147750 to preorder and pick up at an arranged time. Encourages purchase of gift vouchers. More info on instagram.

What: fine dining
Closed for now, but have set up a weekly produce delivery service, more info here.


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  1. Susanna on


    Vielen Dank für die Liste!
    Ebenfalls geöffnet bleibt vorerst der Biergarten vom BRLO BRWHOUSE von 12 bis 18 Uhr. Natürlich mit einem Mindestabstand von 1,5m zwischen den Tischen.
    Online verkaufen wir Gutscheine für das Restaurant und mit dem Code STAYHOMEDRINKBEER gibt es 20% Rabatt auf alle Biere unter

  2. Jenia at MH on


    Wonderful list, thank you!
    We’re also running a bottle shop with wine + beer + cider available to take away at MUTED HORN.
    We’re working on our webshop, and in the meantime we can do free Kiez home delivery for orders over 25€ within a 30 minute walking radius of the shop.
    You can find an up-to-date PDF file of our current to-go list of beer, cider, wine and mead via Google Drive here:
    Stay healthy, folks!

  3. Mariam on


    My neighbours, RE Cucina Bar on Graefestraße, also do takeout and delivery within a 0.5km radius. They have delicious Pasta, Panini, etc.

  4. Luisa Giannitti on



    LuisaKocht Feinkostladen in Prenzlauerberg bleibt offen und bietet auch ein Lieferservice 3 Mal die Woche in Prenzlauerberg an.
    Neben dem italienischen Sortiment haben wir auch:
    Frische Pasta, Frischer Pizza Teig und viele andere selbst gemachte Produkte bzw. Speisen.
    Für die Bestellung es reicht eine Mail hier:

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Victoria Doll on


    Hallo liebe Mary,
    ich schreibe dir, da wir auch ein kleines Cateringunternehmen hier in Berlin sind und leider durch den Virus diese Woche auch für uns komplett alle Aufträge gecancelt wurden. Daher haben wir uns nun überlegt unser Essen auch in kleineren Mengen für Home deliveries oder Pickup vor Ort in unserer Küche in Prenzlauer Berg anzubieten.
    Es wird unsere leckeren herzhaften Quiche, Salate-Lunchboxen und Double Chocolate Brownies geben.
    Alle infos unter: oder einfach eine Email an uns schreiben:
    Wir würden uns super freuen, wenn du uns in deine Liste für Lieferservice aufnehmen könntest.. Tausend Dank! Liebe Grüße Victoria 💕

  6. Nope on


    Really disappointing you chose to include Roamers on this list. They have not closed their shop as ordered and are risking people by doing this.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Nope, currently, there’s no order to close cafés.

  7. Gianluca on


    Hi! Thanks for your support. Our italian Restaurant „La Lupa“ (Spreewaldplatz 6, 10999 Kreuzberg) is closed but we are available for delivering food. From Thursday to Sunday 17-21 ca. In the following areas 10997-10999-12047. We prepare antipasti and pasta (also Gluten Free) and our menu is available on Fb, Ig and website. It will be very nice if you could include us in your list. Thanks a lot and stay safe!Gianluca

  8. Christiane on


    ☆☆☆☆ Kitchen Library on Bleibtreustr. 55 ☆☆☆☆☆ in Charlottenburg. You will find further information on their Facebook page. Offer vacuumed take away food.

  9. C.Sanabria on


    CBS kitchen in neukolln also has a pick up and delivery service thursday – sunday from 12:00 to 20:00. They have a fixed menu of vegan burgers and wings and fish n chips. I’m a customer.

  10. Ekaterina on


    Gokan at Leberstr is offering Korean food for pick up. Its in my neighborhood and a very nice restaurant. So please support:)

  11. Cristina on


    Sandunga Mezcaleria (Mexican food) in Friedrichshain offers take away from Tuesday until Friday (orders to be placed starting 5pm, pick-up starting 7pm). Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available too. Saturdays they are open from 12pm to 6pm.

  12. Finepour on


    Great articticle, thank you!

    As all the bars are closed, we are currently doing cocktail delivery service in Berlin (bottled cocktails). Super easy to order online at

    Thank you for any support!

  13. Til on


    Concierge Coffee in Kreuzberg is still up and running!

  14. Susanna on


    Alles ist geschlossen, aber wir haben seit heute einen Lieferservice:
    Und immer Montags bis Freitags einen Werksverkauf von 14 bis 18 Uhr am Gleisdreieck. Wenn man dort 1 Kasten Bier kauft, bekommt man 1 Kasten gratis dazu.

    Danke für deine Hilfe!

  15. Kristin Slovinski on


    Thank you for doing this for small businesses! Could you please add my husband’s French cheese shop La Käserie, which just started a delivery option as well (details are on their FB page)? Merci and stay healthy!

  16. Karolin on


    Awesome to see this collective support!

    If there is the need on your side, we would like to start a free program called Berlin Delivery Support for local shops, restaurants and businesses through a communal pool of drivers as soon as possible. This is hopefully helping businesses to get some additional income / revenue during the crisis to compensate employees and cover running costs.

    We’re checking the demand right now – and if there is enough interest and support we’d be happy to pull this off together!

    If you’re interested – please let us know here:

    Thank you & all the best,

  17. Joe Diliberto on


    Hi Mary,
    We are not a restaurant, but we are still “open” to supply everyone with the best kitchen utensils! Everyone is cooking more, not only to feed themselves and their families, but as a sort of therapy– and discovering that something is missing from their kitchen.
    Customers who shop online can come by and pick up their purchases at the door…as sort of “to go” for pots, pans and baking supplies. We are doing everything we can to stay afloat:
    And this weekend, we are donating a big percentage of sales from our “weekend special” (Vitamix!) to the Berliner Tafel.
    Be well, stay sane, and cook something delicious!

  18. julie on


    Le Brot bakery in Neukölln is delivering bread, pastries, and breakfast throughout Berlin ( Two Trick Pony on Bergmannstraße has a take out window with delicious sandwiches and heat at home dishes.

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