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I’m guessing most people reading this blog don’t consider me a home-cook and it’s true, I love dining out! But I also love to prepare meals at home. And while I do sometimes go for a quick fix, I also enjoy stocking my fridge for more lavish recipes on the farmers market – the one at Südstern is my favourite, because it’s close to my house, isn’t too big and has everything I need. I made it into somewhat of a ritual to prepare the week to come on Sundays, and so here we go: I’m teaming up with Samsung to show you how I stock my fridge and prepare my week on Sunday evenings.

This is what the Samsung fridge looks like after I went to the market and before I get to making my main weekday meal: a delicious stew that only get better with reheating. It doesn’t only hold all the ingredients – I like to precook my legumes whenever I have time – but also everything that will eventually go on top (herbs, yoghurt, more greens, tofu, etc.) Nico’s food is also in there, she gets fresh meat with a smoothie made of veggies and rice every morning, and some meaty bones for dinner. Oh and if you stumbled over the seeds and nuts in the fridge, I recently learned it will keep them fresher so I’m giving it a try.

One of the best things I recently learned is how well herbs are keeping when you have them in a glass of water inside the fridge. So these green bouquets are definitely not for decoration!

Unless someone special is in town, I like to keep my Sunday evenings free, just to wind down and get some grasp on what the next week will bring. Usually during the week, I lack the nerve to really cook myself lunch or dinner, so preparing a stew on Sundays is helping me a lot to have something delicious during the week with very little time invested. My favourite recipes are obviously by Sarah Britton and Alison Roman, because I like to combine legumes with leafy greens, turmeric, and maybe coconut milk. Thanks to them, I recently discovered how amazing a base of fried onions mixed with leeks is. Sounds and actually is super simple, but it’s definitely been a discovery.

My Five Fav Fridge Tips

1, Put herbs in a glas with water in the fridge, they keep so much longer in a dark and chill place.

2, Put your nuts and seeds in the fridge once you opened the package, they’ll keep fresh much longer. Some also suggest putting whole wheat flour in the fridge, I have not tried it.

3, Oils that are liquid at room temperature and are in a clear bottle actually keep better in the cool dark of the fridge.

4, Whether citrus fruits should go in the fridge or not is highly debated. My experience is they tend to catch mould easier outside, but you should take them out and let them warm up to room temperature before using them.

5, Put a note on your fridge with a list of the things inside that quickly perish and get overlooked easily, especially if your fridge tends to be full. Like I need a reminder I have tofu in the fridge. Otherwise it’ll turn into food waste.


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    Looks awesome and a lot of things inside for meal. Enjoy!

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