Beyond Instagram: Support Berlin’s Small Businesses

What I love to see during this crisis is how motivated people are to support small, independent and local food businesses. So here’s another list with suggestions where to spread your love (and money). This time, the focus is on businesses that we tend to forget when most communication happens online on the ‘gram, the neighbourhood places we all highly depend on, which are often owned by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) but who don’t have the type of social media skills needed to stand out in your feed. The idea and start for this list came from the Smells Like collective, a Berlin based group celebrating food heritage, culture & identity. They started it on their instagram channel, collecting shops and restaurants not represented on the Instagram, then I extended the poll to my followers, threw my own recommendations in, and the result is this long list! Why not make it a goal to visit one or two of those per week, to make an effort to support those who often fall through the attention cracks. Happy eating!

Please, do add more in the comments below! Also, here’s a google map of Asian eateries and grocery stores compiled by Athena Lam.


Tamil, Sri Lankan and Indian restaurant, more info here, order via Lieferando.
Urbanstraße 28A, 10967 Berlin

Sudanese restaurant, more info here, order via Lieferando.
Reichenberger Str. 26, 10999 Berlin

Blue Nile
Ethiopian restaurant, more info here.
Tempelhofer Ufer 6, 10963 Berlin

Cafe Mori
Brazilian restaurant and café, more info here, order via Lieferando.
Wiener Straße 13, 10999 Berlin

Indian & Sri Lankan Food Grocery
Grocery store with online shop.
Lindenstraße 17, 10969 Berlin

Ethiopian restaurant, more info here.
Kohlfurter Str. 44, 10999 Berlin

Laxy Cash & Carry
Tamil grocery store.
Wrangelstraße 58, 10997 Berlin

Melek Pastanesi
Turkish Bakery.
Oranienstraße 28, 10999 Berlin

Turkish Restaurant
Wiener Straße 10, 10999 Berlin


Asia Markt Lee
Supermarket for Asian groceries with a big frozen foods department.
Dircksenstraße 101-103, 10179 Berlin


Syrian restaurant open again from April 14, more info here.
Sonnenallee 44, 12045 Berlin

Al Andalos
Lebanese restaurant
Sonnenallee 40, 12045 Berlin

Asia Supermarkt
Supermarket for Asian groceries.
Karl-Marx-Straße 242, 12057 Berlin

GK Srilankan Indian Shop
Sri Lankan and Indian grocery store, more info here.
Fuldastraße 12, 12045 Berlin

In the West

Thai Restaurant, more info here, order via Lieferando.
Kantstraße 105, 10627 Berlin

Cooking Papa
Korean restaurant, more info here.
Wilmersdorfer Str. 72, 10629 Berlin

Moabit & Wedding

Asia Deli
Chinese restaurant, order via Lieferando.
Seestraße 41, 13353 Berlin

Atti Asia Markt
Supermarket for Asian groceries, more info here.
Luxemburger Str. 31, 13353 Berlin

Lei’s Küche
Chinese restaurant.
Seestraße 41, 13353 Berlin

Indonesian restaurant, more info here, order via Lieferando.
Turmstraße 18, 10559 Berlin

Punjab Foods
Grocery store with products from Africa to Asia.
Tromsöer Str. 6, 13359 Berlin

Tariq Food
Pakistani and Indian food store, more info here.
Badstraße 55, 13357 Berlin

TS Food Supermarkt
Grocery store with Pakistani, Indian, Persian, Afghan, Arabic, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, African and Nepalese products.
Alt-Moabit 74, 10555 Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg

Wok Show
Chinese restaurant famous for their Jiaozi. Takeaway menu here.
Greifenhagener Str. 31, 10437 Berlin


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