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Archive: December 2020

Where to: Donate Clothes in Berlin

Unfortunately, my clothing donation drive “Warm Up” will take a break this year due to … you know why. I am very sad about this, it would’ve been no. 7, we would have collected a lot, and the organisations are already missing out on a lot of donations this year. And it was always a super fun event to get together and see everyone before we disperse for the holidays… However, you can still donate your unworn winter warmers! Here’s a list of local places looking for donations. Some of them will distribute them for free to people in need, while others will sell them in their shops for a little money, which they use to keep up their charity work. None of these are for profit, or sell their clothes in other countries etc. etc. I have also added some free shops, where everything is given away to anyone for free.
As always, only donate clean & intact clothing, only bring what the organisations ask for (most times it’s seasonal items since few of them have storage space & men’s clothing is always in higher demand than women’s), and don’t dump your donations in front of closed doors. Especially now during the lockdown, it’s best to call / email before donating to find out how and what to donate.

ZukunftHandel: Eine Initiative von Google & dem Handelsverband Deutschland

Berlin hat richtig viele tolle Einzelhändler:innen zu bieten, von super neuen Läden bis hin zu traditionsreichen Institutionen. Viele von ihnen sind leider nicht so gut online aufgestellt, wie sie es sein könnten – und damit gehen ihnen jede Menge Möglichkeiten flöten. Dabei ist es gar nicht so schwer! Deswegen freue ich mich, die Initiative ZukunftHandel von Google und dem deutschen Handelsverband zu unterstützen und zwei Läden dabei begleitet zu haben, wie sie ihren Onlineauftritt mit Hilfe der Anleitungen und Tools verbessern konnten. Die Initiative wurde ins Leben gerufen, um den lokalen Handel zu unterstützen und mit Tools, wie einem Google My Business Account oder kostenlosen Onlinetrainings, den Läden zu mehr Sichtbarkeit zu verhelfen, damit sie neben ihrem stationären Geschäft auch digital präsenter sind.

Seriously: The Ten Best Shops for Holiday Gifts in Berlin

Somehow, the 2020 holiday season is of even more importance than any other year. It might be, because it’s literally the only cheerful thing going on in our lives. I for one have definitely enjoyed thinking about what to gift, may it be small baked goods for my neighbours or more conceptual packages for my loved ones. So why not share my trusted sources in the city?