At its inception in the beginning of 2006, Stil in Berlin dealt with streetstyle, a city finding its feet, fashionwise, but over the past few years its scope has expanded, covering everything from food, style, art and life in ever-changing Berlin. It’s a way to share favorites, to hopefully reflect a little of what life here is and looks like.

The blog is run by its founder Mary Scherpe.

She co-founded the site with Benjamin Richter back in 2006. From January 2009 til July 2012 Stil in Berlin benefited immensely from the contributions of Darryl Natale. Aside from that there are occasional guest contributions by Florian Duijsens and film columns by Toby Ashraf.

We have collaborated with Canon, Club MonacoVWAdidas, smart, G-Shock, Urban Outfitters, Filippa K and many more. All collaborations are marked as such.

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