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Author: Darryl Natale

Park in Berlin: Spreepark

In 1969, the GDR opened what was presumably the closest thing to Disneyland in East Berlin: Spreepark. Located nearby to Soviet Memorial at Treptower Park, school children would make trips to both in one day, first pledging allegiance to the GDR, and then spending the day on the amusement park grounds, congealing the two memories together.

Guide: Third Wave Coffee in Berlin

After a highly caffeinated week, we’ve finished our guide to the best coffee in Berlin. The coffee culture here has been somewhat lacking, but a slew of third wave coffee bars have opened up in the past few years, with an army of New Zealander and Australian baristas. The focus of this guide is on the coffee itself, and not necessarily the cafe (although most of the cafes we’ve listed are also some of the best places to hang out as well).

Shop in Berlin: Happy Shop

Happy Shop is the candy-coated jewelry box of shops in Berlin. The space was opened in January 2011 by Mischa Woeste with creative director Marck Christian Windekilde, and is an experiment in colour, showcasing a small but well-rounded selection of international brands, many of which are exclusive to Germany, such as London-based label Meadham Kirchhoff and Japanese brand minä perhonen.