Author: Darryl Natale

At Home: Hara

Berliners normally have quite a bit of space to live compared to other European capitals, but Hara’s apartment is something different. She lives on the top floor of an industrial-looking building south of Hermannplatz, in a self-renovated, open concept loft, including a rooftop terrace, fireplace, DJ booth, swing, and so many windows that you always find yourself peering aimlessly out over the amazing view she has of the city. But the best part is that she loves to open her home up to friends, either just to sit and listen to the rain hitting the roof while drinking tea (which I ended up doing all afternoon at my visit), or hosting parties. Hara, who’s wearing a vintage dress, moved to Berlin from Athens two years ago and is working as a graphic designer, with her studio located in the flat as well. Unfortunately, she’s changing flats soon, but I’m eager to see the space she moves into next.