Author: Darryl Natale

Interview: Yony Leyser

Yony Leyser is an American filmmaker now based in Berlin, whose first film William S. Burroughs: A Man Within has just opened throughout Germany. The film features interviews with Burroughs’ friends and associates, from John Waters to Genesis P. Orridge to Robocop himself, as well as a soundtrack by Patti Smith and Sonic Youth. He’ll be hosting a Q&A tonight at Moviemento, where the film is currently screening.

Interview: Hopea

I’m spending the holidays in Canada, so while I was in the neighbourhood, I stopped by my friend Cosima’s studio, where she runs her new project Hopea, an online shop which works as a sort of archive for Nordic and Canadian modernist jewelry from 1960-1975 specifically. I took a few shots of the pieces and we talked about her inspirations for Hopea (which is Finnish for silver), as well as the history behind some of the forgotten designers.