Author: Darryl Natale

Interview: Chinawoman

Chinawoman is Michelle, a Toronto-born musician with Russian roots who moved to Berlin nearly a year ago. Her music evokes images of Soviet Ballrooms of the 80s and Douglas Sirk melodramas, and she’s been compared to Leonard Cohen, Nico, and Angelo Badalamenti. But for all the grandiosity, you wouldn’t expect that both her albums were produced and recorded in her bedroom. I met with her on a gloomy Friday afternoon in Kreuzberg to talk about her music.

On the Runway: Alfhild Sarah Külper

Alfhild Sarah Külper presented her latest collection last night in Berlin, alongside Rafael Cunha and Hampus Berggren, all three having just recently graduated from Central St. Martins in London. The dress above by Alfhild Sarah Külper consists of more than 20 layers, each individually painted in succession.

At Home: Ruby

Ruby is new to Berlin, having spent the last six years in London working as a stylist. She’s now living together with landscape photographer Noshe in Kreuzberg (one of his photos is hanging behind her). Ruby is also a yoga instructor, and has set up a traveling yoga class, teaching one-on-one in clients’ homes, in addition to in her studio space.

At Home: Sigurd Larsen

Sigurd is a Danish-born architect living in Kreuzberg, and lucky enough to have rooftop access (!) directly from his flat. He recently completed a piece called “The Shrine,” a box containing thirteen different compartments, each of a different shape and size, and each with keys to hide away your private possessions. Throughout the past months I’ve been documenting the creation and construction of the piece, which was all completely done in Kreuzberg.