Author: Florian Duijsens

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Chinese in Berlin: Do De Li

My childhood Chinese restaurant was on a corner a long walk or a short car ride away. My parents usually found the time to cook, but on very rare and special occasions we’d get Chinese take-out. Its different flavors—sweet, spicy, umami—bewitched me and encouraged me to demand we go to Chinese restaurants for my birthdays. Soon we found a place that was better than that corner place, instead overlooking a bus station in the center of town. Up the stairs from its tiny shop front were dark and cozy tables, and the meals were enormous and hearty.

Though Do De Li here on Kantstrasse is much smaller, and lacks the glamorous view of a bus station, it did bring me right back to that childhood comfort zone, spooning up hot-and-sour soup like liquid nostalgia.

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Food in Berlin: Go Asia – Turmstraße

When two Berlin foodie professionals told me they’d found it, the greatest Asian supermarket in Berlin, it was hard to keep my expectations and my emotions in check. I told the Wednesday Chef about it and she too was tickled; what if it had a wide range of products like the ones at the Dong Xuan Market, just more centrally located and less enveloped in pervasive plastic smells? And what if is was more spacious and clean compared to the Go Asia market on Kantstrasse?

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Drink in Berlin: The Bar Market

Faced with yet another Berlin bar serving only cheap beer and bad wine, you must have at some point also imagined a Street Food Thursday for drinks; instead of smoked fish or barbecue there’d be craft ciders and special cocktails, instead of veggies and spätzle there’d be spicy bloody marys and crisply bright Rieslings. The setting wouldn’t be the Markthalle, instead it’d be in a more industrial space, maybe one in the very heart of Berlin’s nightlife?

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Berlin’s Best Burger: Voting #2

It’s official, Berlin has a new favorite burger! It was a tight race this past Saturday, with all contenders scoring better than average (and the icecream sandwiches from Zwei Dicke Bären yet again earning a perfect score). There was more time than ever to try the burgers now that Prince Charles opened its doors at 3pm, letting in 3.000 happy fans of both Burgers and Hip Hop. Voter turnout was impressive, as was the remarkably friendly weather; there we were, sitting around outside in early March and not freezing or getting soaked! What’s more, we are happy to report that most of the burgers this time around were ‘proper’ burgers: a patty of grilled meat served in a bun. Bam!

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Berlin’s Best Burger: Round #2

Those hella long lines! The lack of *real* hip hop! The fact that some burgers weren’t even f^%&in patty shaped! There’s nothing like a burger to get Berliners up in arms, it seems, as there were a lot of you who voiced their concerns about our first round of voting for Berlin’s Best Burger at last month’s Burgers & Hip Hop event. So for Burgers & Hip Hop #3, this Saturday, March 1st, we’re doing things a little differently: