Author: Florian Duijsens

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Vintage in Berlin: Garage

For the past, say, fifteen years, I’ve been shopping at Berlin’s Kleidermarkt stores, first as a yearly visitor to this fine city, then as a resident. While their Made in Berlin shops on Neue Schönhauser Strasse and Friedrichstrasse only sells priced ‘vintage’ clothing, Kreuzberg’s Colours and Schöneberg’s Garage also have large color-sorted sections where you buy your second-hand threads in bulk, by the kilo. Their unbeatable prices and mountains of American stock actually require that I limit my visits to two or three a year; I clearly already have enough amazing baseball and summer camp t-shirts to last several lifetimes.

Meat in Berlin: Big Stuff

With opinions still flaring up about our ongoing search for Berlin’s best burger, it’s important that we honor the other restaurants serving non-burger shaped deliciousness. One of the places consistently drawing both both big crowds and deserved accolades is Big Stuff, which serves meltingly soft BBQ in the heart of Markthalle Neun (right next to their fantastic pescetarian equivalent, fish smokers Glut & Späne).

Berlinale Guide, part 2: Recommendations

In a past life, I wrote log lines. What that means is that I used to read movie scripts and then distill them into one or two-line synopses. “After a young librarian finds a mysterious scroll, she embarks on an arduous quest that will reunite her with both her long-lost father and her missing poodle.” Things like that. It’s instilled in me a great admiration for the movie pitch and a great, if ambivalent, reader of film festival programs.

Berlinale Guide, part 1: How to get tickets

It’s been such an easy start to the year that it’s almost a surprise that the Berlinale is already almost upon us. Now, we know that many of you are intimidated by the sheer size of the festival, let alone how to get tickets without standing in the Potsdamer Platz Arcaden for unendurably bright hours on end. We’re here to help, providing a quick and dirty guide to how to get the most out of this year’s Berlinale.

Fine Dining in Berlin: Glass

When It comes to dining I prefer to be completely submissive; just bring me what you recommend, tell me in which order to dig in, what wine to drink alongside, whether your desserts are even worth it. I’ll just sit there and start smiling. It also ensures that chefs can serve what they want, what they deem is in season, what they found on the market that morning, what they believe are excellent contrasting or accompanying flavors; it’s like watching a great television series in exact order.