Author: Jessica Jungbauer

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Cake in Berlin: Five Elephant

When I walked into Five Elephant the other day and ordered a piece of cheesecake with my morning cappuccino, I was assured that I hadn’t been the first customer that day who asked for it; it appears to be the talk of the town.

Bite by bite, sip by sip, I realized why the 15-minute walk from the closest U-Bahn station was worth it; this quiet slice of Kreuzberg sweetness is something to be cherished.

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Cake in Berlin: Konditorei Buchwald

Berlin might be ever changing, but some spots are here to stay: Konditorei Buchwald has been baking its well-known specialty, Baumkuchen, since 1852—not only for Berliners, but lovers of all things sweet worldwide, seeing as they regularly ship these cakes to Japan and the US. Shaped like circles or parentheses, the staff refers to their Baumkuchen as a pyramid cake. The dough is rolled onto a spit of sorts that slowly turns over an open flame, creating fine layers upon layers baked in turn and forming a beautiful tree-ring texture that’s sealed with apricot marmalade.

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Breakfast in Berlin: Aunt Benny

When I moved to Berlin, I hoped to find the perfect brownie – like the ones I used to have and love at Baked & Wired in Washington, DC, where I spent the summer of 2012 – with a crunchy crust that’s never too dry, and a still slightly soft inside and full of chocolate flavor. I’m happy to report that my search came to an end when I found Aunt Benny in Friedrichshain.

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Coffee in Berlin: Silo

We all have our coffee routines. While Kierkegaard preferred to have his morning coffee served on a sugar pyramid in his cup, Beethoven carefully counted every single bean. Berliners in search for their own infusion of morning inspiration can now choose from an ever-growing collection of coffee shops in the city, each more ‘authentically’ third-wave or homey than the next.