Author: Mary Scherpe

Stil in Berlin Store: The Designers, part 1

Many people asked me during the opening why I wanted to open a shop and the only answer, as contrived as this may sound to some of you, is that I wanted to give the Berlin designers a push in attention and sales. I really wish all of them to succeed in building a brand that lasts, that works aesthetically as well as commercially and to do so, they need to actually sell their pieces. Many of them I’ve already introduced on this blog, but in case you haven’t met them yet, look here:

The Stil in Berlin Store: Opening

Last night we celebrated the opening of the Stil in Berlin Store at Baerck, Mulackstraße 12 and I almost can’t believe it everything came together in the end. So many thanks go out to the team of Baerck, especially Jacob and Ania for making this possible, my beautiful Gloria for helping me with everything, the grandiose Katrin for steaming all clothes, to David of Das Neue Schwarz for lending me the hangers, all the designers for trusting me with this, Martini for making some delicious drinks, uslu airlines for the lipsticks and of course all of YOU for coming and making this a very special night for me!