Author: Mary Scherpe

Shop in Berlin: Andreas Murkudis

Andreas Murkudis’ concept store, that was founded in 2003, might just be the most well known Berlin store world-wide and has helped establish the city’s international importance and appeal. After the building of Murkudis’ former location in Mitte’s Münzstraße was sold, the team was lucky to find an enormous and bright space in the former Tagesspiegel newspaper building.

Shop in Berlin: Soto

Soto is the store for the contemporary Berlin Mitte man, opened in April 2010 by three very contemporary Berlin Mitte men: David Fischer (above in the picture with his colleague Lia), Philip Gaedicke and Omer Ben-Michael, all with a background in fashion and sensing a certain gap in the selection of local menswear stores.

Coffee in Berlin: The Barn

Meet (a part of) the crew of The Barn, a super-small coffee store on a side-street of Auguststraße. Though it’s been only open for little more than one and a half year, it already found its way into the hearts of coffee-lovers from all over the city. Along with luscious sandwiches, quiches, Cannelés and cakes, they offer delicious coffees, brewed by specialists in such a refined way, you might never forget your first The Barn espresso (at least, I won’t).