Author: Mary Scherpe

Interview: Christoph Terhechte

This week Berlin’s biggest film festival Berlinale is taking over the cinemas of the town screening more than 400 films in seven sections. To get a grip on the huge program we met the director of Forum, the section focussing on international young cinema, and talked to him about Berlin influencing the festival now and then, the selection process (2000 submissions each year!) and what films he’s interested in this year (e.g.: Mumblecore). Ticket sales start today, be sure to be quick, it sells out pretty fast.

Art in Berlin: Carson Chan

Carson Chan is the founding member and head curator of Program, a nonprofit exhibition space for art and architecture in Berlin. He regularly writes for various art and cultural magazines such as 032c where he is also a contributing editor, and advises cultural institutions in Denmark and Italy.
Along with Nadim Samman, Carson Chan was appointed curator for the 4th edition of the Marrakech Biennale in 2012.

Antje Stahl met Carson at his office at Program. He was sitting at a long wooden table, behind his back piles of catalogs on beveled book shelves, in front of him a silver laptop that could not possibly have been ignored, and thus, accidentally became the protagonist of the conversation: laptop as mobile home, as exhibition space, as party or the place where imagination expands.