Author: Mary Scherpe

In a row.

It’s hard to find men in suits in Berlin. We mean: good looking and fitting. In Germany wearing a suit is mostly experienced as a restraint not as a pleasure. So we were very pleased when we met Heishiro Fujikawa, 27, from Osaka, spending his holidays in Berlin. He’s not wearing the usual tourist-outfit, which is totally great – look! he doesn’t even have a camera!

写真を撮ってはいいだったのことにありがとうございます。(We are sure this is terribly wrong.)

100 Posts – Anniversary Post


We did 100 posts of street style photography since the start in march 2006.
And we want to say:


thanks for letting us take your picture,
thanks for visiting our site,
thanks for commenting,
thanks for writing about us,
thanks for linking to us,
thanks for offering opportunities,
thanks for supportive mails,
thanks for EVERYTHING!

of course we have some pics for you:

Sans Femme. Berlin in June.

Three only-men posts in a row is kind of unusual for us, since it’s more difficult to find good dressed men, at least that’s our experience. But it’s not like we don’t try it!
Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see our 100. post!

Thomas, 23 & Martin, 24, from the Netherlands

Lars, 24, student (medicine)