Author: Mary Scherpe

Lunch in Kreuzberg: Hallesches Haus

Hallesches Haus, that gem in the wastelands around Hallesches Tor, just opened their shiny and bright new restaurant area. Twice the size of their shop and beautifully lit by a skylight, it’s obviously as beautifully decorated as the rest of the shop: Prouvé lamps hanging over giant Nuts & Woods oak-steel tables, many thriving succulents on used wooden sideboards, tiled floors and speckled enamel lights. With the new space comes a full, open kitchen, where they are preparing simple yet delicious lunch bites, sandwiches, cakes and cookies.

How to make it in Berlin: Barber’s

How To Make It In: Berlin returns with a brand new episode featuring Barber’s: Charlottenburg’s premier, men-only barber shop.

In this episode we catch up with owner Tarik Yakar and his business partner Rami Nasser who tell us how they came up their laid back yet stylish approach to men’s haircare and grooming. From beards to fades to close shaves – if you want it, they can do it. Watch the video and check them out for yourselves at Barbers!

Coming Up: Burger Feast / Hot Dog Edition

So it’s not like we’re over burgers, not at all. But to keep the love fresh, we’re taking a time-off to kindle with another burning fast food favorite: the hot dog. Taking over our favorite club Prince Charles – Burgers & Hip Hop is coming back as Hot Dog & Hip Hop on October 3rd! This hijack has been coming a long time, Berlin has recently been taken over by a new crave for hot dogs and we highly appreciate that. We will feature the finest doggs in the city and of course we’re celebrating the burger Hot Dog Feast! Read on to find out more about the pre-sale ticket that gets you all the doggs!

Veggie Burger in Berlin: Ban Ban Kitchen

There are certain moments in one’s life, where all you want is a delicious Korean burger, a portion of Kimchi fries and an ice-cold ginger beer. You know what I’m talking about, right? Lucky us, there’s a source not too far away: the very well known diner Ban Ban Kitchen on Hermannstraße is serving exactly that. (And thanks to that, now also part of our beloved veggie and vegan burger guide.)
The place is not more than a tiny take-out with some wooden benches and shaky metal stools in front, however, it is charming and beloved, thus always having a line. We went for a soy-bulgogi-burger with cheese and a portion of generously kimchi-ed fries with even more goujoned soy and plenty sauce. Not to forget the intense ginger beer fresh from a can. Just making the perfect, fast-food Sunday dinner.

Seriously: 10 New Places You Have To Try This Autumn

Wait, what? Is it really Autumn already? It is indeed my friends. This summer has been long and sweaty (with the occasional rainy week thrown in to add to the moisture levels) and has come to an end. The leafs are turning golden brown, the days are noticeably shorter and yes, temperatures are dropping. When the haze of summer ends, Berlin gets active again – new events and openings, filled calendars and busy schedules are calling! It’s time for a new list of (rather) new food places I (and maybe you) want to check out in the coming weeks. (Before reading this you might want to check the one from last Spring!) Assembled from tips from friends, strolling around and online hints. I’ve not been to any of them yet (as usual), but they sound most promising out of the bunch of new openings. Ordered alphabetically, this list is neither comprehensive nor objective but I invite you to join my autumnal research.
Oh, can I ask you to take a picture, upload it to instagram and let me (us) know by tagging it #seriousneweats, in case you make it to one of those? Thanks so much guys!