Author: Mary Scherpe

Vintage in Neukölln: The Good Store

While a few years back the centre of clothes-buying was certainly Mitte around Münzstraße, this area today seems to be entirely occupied by H&M owned stores. (Well, not entirely… One small street of indomitable fashion heroes still holds out). But don’t fret, Berlin is still vast enough to offer space for young entrepreneurs, courageous enough to start their own stores with a small budget. Like Gerda Jünemann, who just opened a small paradise for lovers of vintage treasures: The Good Store.

Berlin’s Best Burger: #4

Burgers & Hip Hop happened at Prince Charles last Saturday and it was a hot mess. Literally.
While it started out a little slower than usual, the place filled quickly in the early evening with loads of burger lovers (sorry we had to close the door for a short time). Not only the grills were burning but the whole club – thanks to the sun, but also thanks to a hot competition. All vendors were eager to beat two-time-winner District Mot and their experimental steamed bun burger, and one of them put the stakes even higher: much acclaimed newcomer Tommi’s Burger came to the party with their classic, clean cheeseburger that many fans already call the best burger in Berlin.
As always, the public has voted – over 340 votes were handed in and we had fun counting them (see some samples here). And you might not believe, what they decided:

Lottermann and Fuentes: Ping/Pong

Ping Pong is a playful action/reaction game. For every ping there is a pong. It is about speed, precision and fun. When photographer duo Lottermann and Fuentes sent me a ping, I answered with a pong. Both ping and pong will be part of an exhibition at Kirsten Hermann’s gallery opening next Monday. Maybe I’ll see you there?

Lottermann & Fuentes: Ping/Pong (Berlin)
08. July – 06. September
Opening 07. July, 19:00–21:00
Galerie für Moderne Fotografie,
Schröderstraße 13, 10115 Berlin

Links in Berlin: Trouble Trouble

Though looking all content in instagram user tigramgros’ picture (submit yours with the hashtag #linksinberlin!), Berlin has been a troublesome place this week: while parts of Kreuzberg 36 were occupied by police from all over Germany because of refugees occupying a school, Alexanderplatz was not so much occupied by crazy-cheap-shoppers for the opening of a certain new crazy-cheap-clothing-shop but by protesters and a counter-event promoting the use of second-hand-clothing with a trade party (thank you, Berliners). And then there’s Fashion Week coming up, which had to move to Wedding because the usual space is occupied by crazy-soccer-fans who want to watch the games while riding a ferris wheal and eating currywurst (seriously).
This is what happened on the blogs this week!

Burgers & Hip Hop: Round #4

It’s finally time again for another round of juicy patties and soft buns accentuated with fine beats (Seriously, how long can two months be?!) But now BURGERS & HIP HOP is back. And I am over the moon excited, because twotime winner District Môt will be back to defend the title of Berlin’s Best Burger with their fabulous De La Sauce burger. But the rivals never rest, and the stakes are higher than ever. So you better mark this Saturday in your calendar – it’s time for the next public vote to find Berlin’s Best Burger!