Author: Mary Scherpe

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Food in Berlin: Asparagus

It’s THE produce all Germans are waiting for each spring – this year the season started a lot earlier than usual, the short weeks of white-root-fun are treasured in many households. And I also tend to order asparagus every time I see it on a menu – I prefer the white queen classic style, with boiled potatoes and either brown butter or sauce hollandaise, nothing more. But fresh herbs are much appreciated. Where do you like to have your Spargel?

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Berlin’s Best Burger: Voting #3

A day and night filled with burgers and Hip Hop tunes lies behind us. And honestly, I can’t wait for the next round already, because I had a blast. With all of the vendors being new to me (except last round’s winner District Một), I was excited to see what they came up with. And innovative they were, we had Kimchi burgers, Mexican burgers with corn buns, burgers made from  Yak meat… and last but not least, the first appearance of a Ramen burger. But who ruled the competition? Who grilled the juiciest patty, prepped the best toppings and baked the tastiest bun?
We’ve counted over 200 votes – and you actually won’t believe the results…

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Burgers & Hip Hop: Round #3

You thought we were over it, haven’t you? Actually, we aren’t. It’s time for the next round! Burgers & Hip Hop is coming up this Saturday at Prince Charles and we’re having another important yet tasty Berlin’s Best Burger voting. Come by and enjoy the deliciousness of grill masters like Mr SUSAN, j.kinski, Maria Maria, YAK CHEF and Transformer – never heard of any of them? We neither, which is why we’re even more excited!

plus: The chance to join us in burger analytics!

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Revisited: Thai Park

Still one of my favourite places in Berlin for ever and ever, I was so very happy we re-started Thai Park season this past weekend. In case you’re asking yourself what that is, despite our restless promotion of this magical place in a park in Wilmersdorf, let me tell you: it’s the best of all. It’s an outdoor-market for Thai delicacies, fried ones as well as super fresh ones, and it’s happening every day (so weather allows) and it’s just plain gorgeous.