Author: Mary Scherpe

Bibimbab lunch at Core, Kreuzberg

Bibimbap in Berlin: Core

Exploring Kreuzberg lunch-wise proves to be a very interesting and joyful enterprise. Just last week we discovered the most lovely little Korean place just off Skalitzer Straße. More of a hole-in-the-wall place, this joint is the younger and smaller sister of Prenzlauer Berg’s Korean institution Core, which was just recently opened and also includes a little shop. Although one wonders how they manage all of that in a place that is merely 20sqm big. But they do.

Grilled lamb at Adana Grillhaus, Kreuzberg

Turkish in Berlin: Adana Grillhaus

November is an exciting month for me, not only did we have the tremendous success of Warm Up this past weekend, but also did the Stil in Berlin office move from Mitte to Kreuzberg. Which means there are countless new lunch options to explore. First is a recommendation I had on my list for much too long – Adana Grillhaus. One important reason why it took so long is that Adana is just really not for vegetarians, but meat-lovers will find a home here.

Credit: Pascal Rohé, Fettes, Love & Sieben

Recap: Warm Up

Yesterday saw the first Warm Up, a clothing donation event in support of Kältehilfe Berlin at Voo Store. And it was amazing. Never would I have expected so many people to come and donate, not speaking of the masses of winter warmers people brought in. In total over 250 people donated 1711 kg. Which is 1,7 tons of winter clothing. Which is in words one thousand seven hundred eleven kilogram. Can you believe it? I still can’t. But here are pictures: