Author: Mary Scherpe

At Home: Despina Stokou

Meet the wonderful Despina, the sedulous force behind so many projects and professions, you might not believe she still had the time to welcome me in her small apartment full of character in Mitte.

Berlin Blooming

I could spend my days solely by cycling through the city looking for blooming trees, bushes, flowers, taking their picture to create a huge collection of Berlin blooming tales.

A Short Guide to: Gallery Weekend

We’re restarting the season of activity (versus winter) with a weekend full of art. Gallery Weekend is coming up, the annual gallery feast where every art-related location and project is opening its doors for the interested audiences. But there’s only so much one can see and so we’ll all need a little guidance. I asked Caro Würfel, art writer and dear friend, to present me her personal favorites that she’s looking forward to the most.