Author: Toby Ashraf

Discover This: Sofia’s Last Ambulance

Imagine a film with very long shots. Imagine a film that doesn’t follow a clear story line. Imagine a film without reverse shots, without a commentary, without an exposition or a conventional interest in building up tension. Imagine that film to be set in Bulgaria. At night. Mostly inside an ambulance car. Imagine that film to be one of most exciting films of the year so far.

Film in Berlin: DISCOVER THIS!

A weekly Berlin-­‐based film comment

Hello and welcome to a new facet of Stil in Berlin! This column is called Discover This!, because every week I want to invite you to be curious and open-­‐minded and discover films that you might otherwise overlook. It might not always be apparent, but film is a very political subject. I am not even talking about its contents here, but rather about the politics of attention and money.