Author: Toby Ashraf

Discover This: The Legend of Kaspar Hauser

His body seems dead and his limbs are motionless as the waves of the ocean wash him up the shores of an unknown island. He is wearing sneakers and Adidas pants, his hair is fashionably shaved at the sides and dyed platinum blonde. On his slim chest his name is tattooed in bold black latters: KASPAR HAUSER. It’s the year zero and once in a while UFOs pierce through the blue sky.

Discover This: Just the Wind

I never thought much about being a child again, but the more atrocities I am confronted with in the news lately, the more I wish I had a different view of the world and didn’t have to think about things like violence and police brutality, xenophobia, and discrimination against minorities. Instead, I wish I could pick flowers in a meadow, or build myself a secret getaway in the woods like the children in Just the Wind.

Discover This: What Maisie Knew

When I arrive for the interview, I am all sweaty and hectic because I didn’t find the location right away and didn’t want to make Scott McGehee and David Siegel wait. I am welcomed with a smile and the two tell me to relax. We talk about Tilda Swinton’s holding up a rainbow flag in front of the Kremlin before we go into the politics of independent film distribution and start discussing their latest film What Maisie Knew which stars Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan and the amazing newcomer Onata Aprile.

Discover This: Layla Fourie

Layla Fourie is determined to find a job. „I need to make a living,“ she says and her honesty in the interview pays off. The casino manager employs her, but she still can’t buy her young son that bike he is riding around with in a supermarket. Layla Fourie is an honest and modest woman. Judging from her appearance, you might call her reserved or cool, but this façade only means that Layla is neither helpless, dependent on a man, nor emotionally unstable. Layla Fourie is the first of a series of this year’s exciting female film portraits that have powerful performances by little-known but outstanding actresses, such as Rayna Campbell.

Discover This: His & Hers

Life can be fast and sometimes it takes less than 80 minutes for a newborn to become a pensioner. The baby that was just lying on the blanket in the middle of the room starts to crawl in the next shot and then walks out of the door before it will have grown into a young girl that calls her daddy on her toy phone. The teenage girl will be a young woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a widow and her story will be told through 68 different women. No man will ever be visible.