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Guide: Niche Berlin’s tips for Gallery Weekend

Niche Berlin organizes tailor-made private art and architecture tours, bringing you to the most inspiring project spaces, galleries and museums in town. And not only are they in the know on the up-and-coming scene, but would never miss the 8th edition of Gallery Weekend hosted by the most notorious or notable galleries in the city and considered one of the hottest art events in Germany – or at least in Berlin. Of course you can spend your weekend squeezing in with hordes of people at the major galleries – we’ll be there, too. But there are many other fun things happening this week that ought not to be missed – take a look which exhibitions we’re most curious about…

Art in Berlin: Goodyn Green

Goodyn Green is a photographer who has recently self-published her first photobook, The Catalog, a collection of female nudes featuring queer women whose poses reference gay men’s magazines. Here she is in Kreuzberg’s The Fab Lab, where her photos are currently on display. A short interview follows, along with some of her work, which is probably NSFW (depending on where you work, that is).

Art in Berlin: Taryn Simon at Neue Nationalgalerie

Last week I went out to the Neue Nationalgalerie to see Taryn Simon‘s exhibition “A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I–XVIII”. (The first hurray goes out to a woman under 40 being granted a solo exhibition at one of Berlin’s most prestigious museums!) Her work presented here basically evolves from the phenomenon of India’s “living dead”, meaning people who are still alive, but declared dead when their family (or someone else) wants or has to inherit their properties. Based on this idea, Simon investigated family genealogies around the world and recorded their stories, focussing on subjects like feuding Brazil families, victims of the genocide in Srebrenica, and the Kumari girl-goddesses of Nepal.