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Art in Berlin: John Bock at Sprüth Magers

Past Friday saw the opening of John Bock’s first solo exhibition at the Sprüth Magers gallery in Mitte – it’s called Knick-Falte in der Schädeldecke (though you probably shouldn’t even try to translate this title, I’ll still give it a try: folding line in the skullcap), presenting three groups of work from between 2010 and 2014.

Christoph Schlingensief Church of Fear at KW Berlin

Art in Berlin: Christoph Schlingensief

Last Saturday Mitte saw the opening of the year: finally, after several delays, the Christoph Schlingensief exhibition, curated by Klaus Biesenbach, Anna-Catharina Gebbers and Susanne Pfeffer with the artistic advisory of Schlingensief’s widow, Aino Laberenz, was opened at Kunst-Werke. What was initially planned by Pfeffer and Schlingensief himself, is now, three years after his death, finally visible in the in Auguststraße – although the curators repeatedly insist that it’s not a retrospective, not a concluding show, but the starting point for various inspections of Schlingensief, it’s certainly the broadest survey of his creative work to date. Which also means you should take your time to get at least a glimpse of the massive amount of material on display. Some say you’ll need five days to view it all.

Art in Berlin: Best of abc

It’s the second year Berlin is going through without having a traditional art fair but rather testing an alternative model of presenting, supporting and, yes, in the end also selling art by galleries: the abc – Art Berlin Contemporary. As in last year it’s happening at the spacious The Station at Gleisdreieck and luckily again the organizers around director Maike Cruse apply their strict yet compelling concept of one gallery = one artist.