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At the studio: Cooperative Designs

Taking “At Home” portraits in London is considerably different than in Berlin and doing it with a 35mm lense is even more risky. London’s houses, apartments and studios are in no way comparable to the wide and bright spaces you find in Berlin.
This is the team of Cooperative Designs squeezed in between their knitting machines. Dorothee Hagemann and Annalisa Dunn are well known for their colorful and bold yet elegant knitwear, that is also available in their online shop.

At home: Michael Sontag

This is one of Berlin’s most talented young designers sitting at his Saturday morning breakfast table in Kreuzberg. Michael Sontag is showing his new collection on Friday at the “Start Your Fashion Business” Show where he competes with four other designers, among them our other favourites, Vladimir Karaleev, Perret Schaad and Sadak, for three prizes, organized by the city of Berlin.

At home: Indi and Lucy

These are Indi and Lucy, they are English women living in Berlin – they reside in a typical Kreuzberg Mietskaserne and still manage to transport British style into it – the floral sofa, the cat pillow and cat drawing and the dried and framed flowers have, at least for me, a distinctive British feel, isn’t it lovely?

At home: Jan Joswig

This is Jan, attentive followers of this blog might recognize him from earlier posts (here, here and here). He is for sure one of the most intelligent fashion writers in Berlin and one of the best dressed men in town. In this picture you can see him shaving his immaculate legs in his bathtub, his most favorite place in Berlin’s frosty winters. Follow Jan’s writings on “Sounds like me”.

At home: Alexander Heslop

Alexander is living in Neubau, Vienna. His endless love for delicious pastry at a classic Kaffeehaus, his profound knowledge of traditional outfitters and his unbeatable intelligent sarcasm make him one of my dearest guides through this wonderful yet depressing old city.