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At home: Pascal Grob

I spent the last week in Zurich and met Pascal (21), who lives and blogs in a beautiful house with a metal Corbuiser chair and spotlights in the garden. Honestly, I expected a massive collection of clothing since he is blogging about his personal style (in very fine photography – he has an almost scary talent for self portraits). But instead of piling up stuff and hoarding loads of clothes, he is a very thoughtful buyer, considering new clothing several days before purchase and only owns things he loves. For this At Home picture we arranged a choice of his most favorite stuff on the bed.

At the studio: Njide Ugboma

This is Njide Ugboma, editor in chief of the British Let Them Eat Cake magazine. When I asked Njide for a picture for the At Home series, she told me the place she feels most at home is at her office in Dalston. It is located in an old industrial building just off Kingsland Road and I went there on a rainy morning during London Fashion Week. I guess it is not unusual for London people to feel most at home in their business surrounding, since they might spend the most of their time there. For Berliners, though, in their relaxed state of mind and “2 days of work a week is enough” attitude, this comes as a slight surprise. Maybe this is the reason Berlin lacks the splendid choice of fashion magazines you will find at a usual London newsstand.

As a sidenote: I got lost searching for the office and decided to enter any building, asking for the way. Lucky me, I went straight into the studio of Gareth Pugh, where the fitting and hair and make-up tests where going on. HE was not there, though.

At home: Aisha

Aisha is my lovely hostess in London, she lives inside a flat made out of clothes. The walls are made of Peter Jensen dresses, the floors are covered in Sonia Rykiel and the ceiling is a patchwork of vintage Valentino. Customized pumps and Vivienne Westwood boots line the walls and Aisha likes to wear delicate silk dresses from the 1930s for lunch.

At home: Norman Palm

This is Norman Palm. The singer shares his time between Berlin and Mexico City, where his girlfriend lives. I can’t really grasp why he’s currently in an ice-covered Berlin, instead of hanging around in a sun-flooded Mexico, but I guess it’s because of his new album. He’s currently recording with the support of Daniel Nentwig, who normally plays the keyboards for The Whitest Boy Alive, and Emma and Mia from Le Corpse Mince de Francoise. When he’s not making music, he can also be found re-mixing Mexican billboards.

At home: Robert Lippok

Robert Lippok is wearing a Bernhard Wilhelm shirt, Comme des Garcons jeans, Falke socks and Gucci shoes. He’s a part of To Rococo Rot and a collector of strange things. His room is filled with, of course, records and musical instruments, but also with all kinds of knick-knacks. He has a thing for lamps made of hedgehog spines, small red plastic rabbits, big black plastic ravens, anatomic models of the human body, parrot beaks, huge glass bulbs, and hand puppets, like the creepy one he is showing in this picture. But he is not stockpiling them and making his apartment into a weird cabinet of curiosities, but rather chooses them carefully, presenting only a few of them on his desk and walls. Which either makes it less spooky, or even more.