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Discover This: The Bling Ring

It’s just awesome…and cute. What is, you ask? Pretty much everything in the world of the teenagers that are so bored with their lives in Calabasas, California, that they decide to break into the houses of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, and Paris Hilton, steal some stuff, and then buy more stuff paid for by the stuff they stole.

Discover This: Jaurès

A ghost haunts the scene – it’s invisible and rarely audible, hardly there but always present. He would be dead if it weren’t for the archival footage that resurrects him and frees so many emotions. It’s a ghost called love, a ghost named Simon that director Vincent Dieutre summons in one of the most extraordinary, unusual, and unorthodox love stories of the year – Jaurès.

Discover This: Frances Ha

Dear Greta Gerwig,

It’s hardly an original thing to say at the moment, but I have huge crush on you. I know, everyone does, and I kind of wish I hated your film Frances Ha even a little bit so that I could be controversial, go against the general hype, but you simply make it impossible not to love you. Honestly, it was never easier to recommend a film to my friends or to our readers, and it was never truer to call a film a feelgood movie, although Frances Ha is much more insightful and playful and fun and honest and sweeping than most of the other films bearing that label.

Discover This: The Legend of Kaspar Hauser

His body seems dead and his limbs are motionless as the waves of the ocean wash him up the shores of an unknown island. He is wearing sneakers and Adidas pants, his hair is fashionably shaved at the sides and dyed platinum blonde. On his slim chest his name is tattooed in bold black latters: KASPAR HAUSER. It’s the year zero and once in a while UFOs pierce through the blue sky.

Discover This: Just the Wind

I never thought much about being a child again, but the more atrocities I am confronted with in the news lately, the more I wish I had a different view of the world and didn’t have to think about things like violence and police brutality, xenophobia, and discrimination against minorities. Instead, I wish I could pick flowers in a meadow, or build myself a secret getaway in the woods like the children in Just the Wind.