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Eats in Berlin: Pizza, Pasta, and a Persian Inspired Feast

My food experience of the last weeks feels a bit scattered, to be honest. For one, there’re so many new places I haven’t been to yet and can’t seem to make it. Either because they’re inconveniently located, or they’re too new to trust. Most times I dunno whether they’re really worth the investment of getting out of my house in the low-light season where all I wanna do is go to bed around 4pm. So instead I’m listening to podcasts while trying to finish that annoying diamond painting showing a tentacle-haired woman holding a squid (not joking, message me if you wanna see) until it’s a reasonable time for bed (9pm). No worries though, I do get out of the house to get some pizza, some Korean food, some Italian groceries, classic Japanese and to join the feast of feasts as a preview for what is going to be the next season of rightfully praised Das Brunch. And in case you’d rather stay in right now – how about you check your closet for coats and shoes to donate at my annual clothing donation event called Warm Up? It’s happening next Sunday at Markthalle Neun and you should all come. (If you have nothing to donate, still come by and buy a lottery ticket).

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Eats in Berlin: Congee, Curry, and Pancakes

I’m in the middle of a super busy week, some of it self-inflicted, some of it just owed to the season – aka the last weeks of the year which are always the busiest. Which might be why I’m very, very drawn to soup-y, stew-y kinda meals, something warming, yet not weighing you down. And to sugar, to keep me somewhat running… Beginning of this week, I decided to put the last remaining copies of the 2018 “Best Places in Berlin” Map on sale (for a limited time, order them here) And, Warm Up, my clothing donation event benefitting local voluntary organisation Kreuzberg Hilft is coming up. It’s that time of year where I’d wish for an assistant / a second person to run this. Without further complaints, here’s what I ate this week and whether I liked it (mostly, yes!).

Eats in Berlin: Chili Noodles & Vegan Donuts

Isn’t that the combo you’re craving during this first weeks of icy weather? Definitely the chili noodles! And why not a donut for dessert? Hmmm… yus. Just as good to get that warming belly fat growing is one or three portions of hummus, topped with falafel, fresh bread, veggies and all the oil. By the way, the chili noodles are only available again tomorrow and I don’t want you to miss out on them. (Otherwise you’ll have to wait till the next pop-up…)

Eats in Berlin: How long would you wait in line?

This is an odd week, isn’t it? If you follow me on the ‘gram, you know I’ve been struggling with this feeling of oddness since Monday, and then yesterday my dog slipped on the banks of the canal and fell down into the water with a big splash – not voluntarily, she prefers temperatures above 35 degree celsius to get soaked. I managed to pull her out by the neck, and she was fine 30 mins later, but, oh’ the drama. Anyhow, something’s off right now, and it’s even showing in my dining choices! From the three places I went to last week, only one was good. Albeit, the good one is a trustworthy choice: the people at Hallmann & Klee in Neukölln just know what they’re doing, hence the line out the door all weekend.

Eats in Berlin: Pizza and Pita

How was your week? Did you have a good one? Any good food? Any new places? Okay, you’re right, I have no idea how to write a sleek intro to this week’s Eats article so better just get into it.
Ah and by the way, please let me know whether you like this new format! (Or what you dislike about it…)

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