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Berlin’s Best Bread: 2016

It was about time for a new endeavor in the land of carbs: last week, a bread-loving jury came together in my office in Kreuzberg to taste the finest baked goods in the city, celebrating sourness, judging crumb as well as crust and talking grains, flours and sourdough. We broke the bread, spread butter, dipped in oil and even toasted some of them, to find Berlin’s Best Bread, this year in four categories, which means we have four winners! However, all of the bakeries we invited are glorious examples of artisanal baking, an endangered trade, so make sure you buy your bread with them when looking for real good one.

Café in Berlin: Kame

How super is it, that Berlin’s food scene is so diverse by now, that one can enjoy a delicious afternoon pick-me-up at a Japanese bakery!? Kame just opened their shop in Charlottenburg, is part of the 10 places you have to try this winter list, and is serving some smashing sweet treats filled with Matcha and match more.