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Cinnamon buns

Berlin’s Best: Cinnamon Bun

Coming out of this years’ Berlin’s Best Bread competition, where the line-up of breads made only with sourdough was so high in quality, we were all surprised and very excited about the state of bread in Berlin. So I decided to hold another competition of a baked treat that I and many others love dearly: the cinnamon bun! This idea was pushed by the fact that the cinnamon bun, kanelbullar, or Zimtschnecke seemed to be everywhere – a trend I explicitly welcomed. So I called some trustworthy bun-thusiasts to join me in the quest of finding the bestest bun in town. However, the outcome wasn’t what we expected.

Grilled Cheese sandwich at Aunt Benny in Berlin Friedrichshain

Grilled Cheese in Berlin: Aunt Benny

If you know me, or you’ve read this blog for a bit, you know I’m very, if not the most prejudiced against Friedrichshain. There are a couple of places I dearly love and won’t stop visiting and supporting. One of them is Aunt Benny, who serve the area with the most delicious cakes, sandwiches, and other treats, in a laid-back, grown-up atmosphere. One more reason to pay them a visit is this: they’re serving the finest grilled cheese in Berlin – with a cheese mix that’s totally on point. Order a Whisky Sour with it, and you’ll be set for the night.

Omelette for brunch at Okay Café in Berlin Neukölln

Breakfast in Neukölln: Okay Café

I love me a little, cute Kiezcafé – neighborhood café – not too big, with good coffee, some great baked treats, nice people who at one point know you by name, maybe a dog called Ketchup, and such. Imagine you had all this and then added on a menu of delicious breakfast dishes? And a rotating menu of sweet buns, with kanelbulle available everyday, plus a daily special like blueberry, cardamom, vanilla, marzipan, or – on Sundays – Nutella buns! Sounds more than okay, right?