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Category: General

Where to: Donate Clothes in Berlin

Unfortunately, my clothing donation drive “Warm Up” will take a break this year due to … you know why. I am very sad about this, it would’ve been no. 7, we would have collected a lot, and the organisations are already missing out on a lot of donations this year. And it was always a super fun event to get together and see everyone before we disperse for the holidays… However, you can still donate your unworn winter warmers! Here’s a list of local places looking for donations. Some of them will distribute them for free to people in need, while others will sell them in their shops for a little money, which they use to keep up their charity work. None of these are for profit, or sell their clothes in other countries etc. etc. I have also added some free shops, where everything is given away to anyone for free.
As always, only donate clean & intact clothing, only bring what the organisations ask for (most times it’s seasonal items since few of them have storage space & men’s clothing is always in higher demand than women’s), and don’t dump your donations in front of closed doors. Especially now during the lockdown, it’s best to call / email before donating to find out how and what to donate.

Corona Crisis: How to Help Now

While supporting small local businesses is important, we need to keep an eye out for those, who are even more affected by the current pandemic and are too often ignored in the urge to help. Homeless people, refugees, and other people in need are in even more dire situations when stay at home orders are in effect and enforced. The situation at Europe’s boarders is even more awful, even though that is hard to imagine. The pressure and stress on the people working in jobs that are “relevant to keep up the system” is unimaginable, and at the same time nurses, caretakers, delivery people and supermarket staff are massively underpaid. It’s important to take care of ourselves so much, that we can start taking care of others in need. To make it easier for you, I compiled a list of many local and some global initiatives to support right now.

Car Sharing in Berlin: WeShare x RobinTV

Sponsored by WeShare

Last week, Robin of renowned RobinTV asked me to join him to explore sustainable eating in Berlin white testing the fairly new service of WeShare: 100% electric car sharing. We got into one of their snappy cars and mastered the Berlin traffic (which isn’t really that bad, I think), I finally tasted one of these fancy new plant based burgers and got to show Robin how to do your groceries zero waste style, all while chatting about city traffic, vegetarian diets, and Berlin.

Exclusive: Snax “Two Souls” Video Premiere

It must be at least ten years ago that I saw Snax perform for the first time – it was one of these glorious Berlin summer days full of sunshine and happy people on the rooftop of the former office of then tiny Soundcloud. He delivered a set that underlined the amazingness of the day, playful and light, yet still intense on the bass, his singing, and completely danceable. The mood and sound of the day is still so present in my memory. When he sent me an email a couple weeks ago whether I wanted to premier the new video set in Brandenburg I was like: Sweet! Let’s do it!

mary scherpe

Stil: in Berlin Winter

– In collaboration with Farfetch –

Dressing for Berlin winter ain’t easy – one rarely wears enough layers, and colors seem to be very hard to come by. The streets of Berlin are swamped with people in black coats over anthracite sweaters and grey pants. And yet, wearing some colorful winter attire can actually make your day a lot better. Which is why I’m advocating for more reds, blues and, yes, pink with this outfit.